Heritage Round - Centenary of RL 1908-2008

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    April 20th 1908 was the date of the first ever premiership round which coincides with round 6 of the NRL in its centenery year.

    To celebrate this milestone, this round has been deemed the "Heritage Round".

    What is heralded as one of the biggest and most important rounds in Rugby League history, NRL clubs have been chosen to play each other on the eras they first entered the competition.

    Each team will play in their original strip to celebrate and honor their club's proud history.

    Wests Tigers v Souths
    Newcastle v Roosters
    Bulldogs v Dragons
    Broncos v Titans
    Parramatta v Manly
    Cowboys v Warriors
    Cronulla v Penrith
    Storm v Raiders

    Each and every game of this round is going to be monumental, with each player and team baying for their opponents blood and trying that 10% harder in every facet of the game.

    Get ready for a great round of footy!

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