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Heskey or Crouch for England tonight?



I would personally go for Heskey. He's stronger, quicker & can head the ball better than Crouch. In fact I think the team as a whole should remain unchanged against Russia. Also my prediction for tonight is:
ENGLAND 2 (Heskey, Gerrard)
I'd start with Heskey and Owen or Johnson...Russia play three at the back and so stretching them and running into into the fullback areas will open them up. It'll be all about mobility. The middle will be congested all night, if we try and get them to hold it up there we'll be kept at arms length.

Eurgh. I feel dirty. Played well enough on Saturday to retained his place though. And I also read an interesting piece on how tonight's referee will be very hard on Crouch in the air should he play, due to the way he jumps.

All about the use of the arms or something.
England have FINALLY found some form and i say LEAVE the squad like it is. Why tinker with a winning formula that have managed to put 3 goals past Israel and Russia who had very impressive records coming into their games.
Leave Rooney and Lampard on the bench i say.
No need to change the England side at the moment two great perfomances

Well, Heskey got injured today so guess Rooney will start next month alongside Owen. Barry should keep his place instead of Lampard, great partnership with Gerrard there.

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