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hi im new here ? :-)


Ivan Uzubov

:bana: hi i`m new here i need some little help...my dream is to play amateurs rugby autside of my country...i dont wanna be pro <- hahaha i just wanna play in amateur team in west europe :) can anyone help me ? ? some info for me :) me 21 years old Bulgarian :bleh!: 180-75 fly half in my team(Levski-sofia)....national player junior 16-17-19-21 years :) now national player in mens team of Bulgaria (5 caps play scrum half ,tommorow we travel for Litva for match :wall: ) can any one help me ? me speak basic english...btw i can work everithing so i need team who can find me job and i will play play :D i Love the game pls help me :cheers: :cheers: (sr for my english)

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