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HOFF's Report

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Calling all HOFFs Calling all HOFFs

We have decisions to make and make the Hall of Fame look like its moving on, and we can only do this with you all reporting, I will be sending a PM around shortly if I dont get the responce from you all...
well that got a little bit of a responce but still nothing from certain members, maybe we should ask some others...

I recommend Teh Mite for one position
Well I know me and a few other people have made decisions on all the current cases, so presumably it's just a case of chasing up individuals yet to reply, or replace them if necessary.
Yeah, its a case of chasing them up which i did with a pm and it got read, so I will do another PM and see what happens then and if there is no action then I will replace, and we shall have suggestions of people who should replace, but this is an area of the board that i would really like to get moving..

DonBilly and Rassie are the two likely to be replaced and i must admit I havent seen them on the boards as much, so they may have other commitments...
Teh Mite, Hoff man..... OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooh Yeah! [/Duffman]
Not open for further replies.