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How crap is my works helpdesk?



Right, this is the senario.

I am sitting down, working remotly on a server (from my desk). My computer is plugged into my voice over IP phone. and my IP phone is plugged into the companys network. Everything is working fine then i look at my phone and all of a sudden it drops, and it says looking for network. I think hmmm thats weird. Then i realise my email has gone. And i have been disconnected from the server i was working on.

I sit there and wait just incase it was going to come back up again. Watched the end of House season 4 that i was watching/listning to while i was working. Still nothing.

ok i am rambling on a bit i am sorry :)

I decided to ring up the helpdesk from another phone. When it comes to the option of mine i push that and i get some <insert foreign language guy that i cant understand here>. He askes for my net id and my name. Asks for my phone number just in case we get disconnected. He doesnt want my cell phone he wants my land line (remember i have none) so he just had to take that.

I tell him my network has gone and i have no phone. He starts telling me to uninstall my network card and reboot. WTF, he also tells me to change all the network cables around to see if that helps (i have done this as well before cause i hate calling my help desk). then after that he goes ill send this off to networks as it looks like a network problem not my computer problem (doh).

dodgy dodgy dodgy wasted half an hour with this guy.

anyone else had dodgy helpdesk people?
I ring vodafone every now and then to get my MMS reconfigured manually, which means I have to sit there for an hour doing it whilst on the phone. I always get a bloody Egyptian (I know this because I asked) and they are often difficult to understand, however they always are fine and quite competent.

I can imagine though that ringing foreigners whose technology understanding stretches to a mobile phone or even in some cases a remote control, have trouble fixing problems to do with networking and computers etc.

I had a dodgy help desk person at the Commonwealth Bank who I swear was drunk! He kept mumbling and was dragging his words out (slurring) and seemed like a bit of a f***tard.

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