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How do you aproach a trial?



I was just wondering how you guys would go about a trial for a team or if u have had a trial how did you go about it.I was just wondering because i had a trial for England u18s yesterday. :D
oh cool howd you go?

you would probably just go there, try and link up with team mates, play your game and impress people.
my personal approach for tryouts is treat every practice like a game, you must play well individually and in a team. I don't focus too much on being the star, just doing what my job is 100% efficiently.
Yh it went well,i get 2 see if i got in at the end of August with my exam results aswell.lol

We Will be Getting a Reputation as the Board with Internationals as Members
nice job chrissy nice job

i knew you'd make it when you told me about you learning to box kick at such a young age.. i knew you were a shoo in..

nicely done

keep me updated.
Well done mate!

...and you are still young...so the next three years in the U19 team will have you gainig great experience :cheers:
Legend. Nice Work there...

See you in the 2011 World Cup Semi...

you think england will make it that far :p

anyway congrats cusker on a fine acheivement in making an international team.
Thnx m8! Yh i will keep u all updated!

Oh yh when is your USA U-19 trial?

i recently got my invitation to the U17 trial but im going to forgoe that one (its all the way out in Arizona, over christmas time, needless to say my parents arent to keen to let me go to that)

but with the training ive done this summer ill be awaiting my U19 invitation this following season :cheers:

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