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How does the international's affect your club



After today's game I really have to ask, should England take away so many players.

The team for sale tonight

Sale: Robinson; Mayor, Taylor, Todd, Hanley; Courrent, Martens; Coutts, Bruno, Stewart; Schofield, Day; C Jones, ***terrell, Bonner-Evans.
Replacements: Turner, Roberts, Fernandez Lobbe, Newton, Wigglesworth, Ripol, Wakley.

While not bad we lacked some of the players around the fringes such as Lund and had i ask should he not be playing for Sale as ***terell had to play flanker. It is a disadvantage to play Friday and not have internationals, when on a Sunday some turn out for clubs a couple of hours after an International. So should clubs like wasps be allowed the players back?

Please discuss,

In France clubs like Toulouse, Paris or Biarritz contribute to several squads that will play this week-end, France an,d Italy are the main nations but there's also Rumania or Argentina when they play which take their tool too.

It happened to the Stade Toulousain or Stade Français that at the time of the RWC to see 14 of their players out for the world tournament.
To be honest, it sums up every club vs Country arguement of the past 3 year.

Also notice that Wasps get their games normaly on a sunday and, 'amazingly' thier players have less that 20 mins for England.

Funny that, being the new RFU babies n'all...
It's been the same in the Celtic League, but at least this season we have the luxury of no games on international weekends.

But as far as the GP is concerned if one team gets to have internationals back on a Sunday then all games should be played on the Sunday. No team should get preferential treatment just cause Sky want to show the games on a Friday night or a Saturday afternoon.
The Scarlets are absolute pish without our internationals :( We lost to Connacht, FFS!
i think we should have games on international weekends. Then maybe there'd be less moanin about not bringing the youngsters through.

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