How good was Jake White?

Discussion in 'International Test Matches' started by Incredible Schalk, May 18, 2009.

  1. I was thinking about this earlier, i remember he had a chance of the job before Rudi Streauli got it in 2002. Now we all know Streauli had a bad record as Springbok coach but he had very average players, had White been given the job then would he have been able to work the miracles he did in 2004? or did he luck into a good side in a sense with the immediate improvement from the super 12 sides after the world cup.

    I would say it was a bit of both, the 2003 Bok side was incredibly inexperienced and with Straeulis constant squad rotation he never played the same side twice in a row. White immediately tried to put a consistent team together and it was the bedrock of his success. Guys like De Villiers,Smith,Burger,Matfield were just coming into their prime.

    Anyway back to the original point, do you think Jake White's superb performance as Springbok coach was down to him being so good at his job or just getting lucky with injuries and players form in a way Streauli never had.
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    In 2003, a RWC year of all things, Staueli picked no less than 57 different Springboks during the year. And subjected the whole lot to Kamp Staaldraad aswell.

    Now, contrast that to what Jake did- his starting tight 5 for his 1st test, vs. Ireland in Bloemfontein in 2004, consisted of DuRandt, Smit, VD Linde, Botha and Matfield. 4 years later, the starting lineup for the RWC final had the same tight 5. Add Schalk who also played in that test, and Rossouw and Smith who were both in the squad by end 2004, and you have the entire pack together since 2004.

    Similarly with the backs- Percy, Fouie, Du Preez, Habana and De Villiers were all in the mix by end 2004 already. Which kinda makes you think that Jake knew a thing or 2 more about talent identification than Straueli did.

    And then, we get to innovation. Straueli gave us drop kicks for conversions, and a so-called "greater tempo", which worked wonders for revolutionising the game- NOT!

    Whereas Jake was the 1st SA coach to bring in his role-specific 3-or 4 phase plays, the 1st international coach to use the much-vaunted one-up/umbrella/rush/whatever you want to call it defensive system. Jake was also the 1st SA coach who could get the Bok lineout working- and even, by the end of his reign, dominating. He even managed to turn both Andre Pretorius as well as Ruan Pienaar into both left-and rightfooted players, whereas neither had anything resembling a left boot when Jake first got them.

    So, basically to sum up, Jake was a truly exceptional coach, both tactically, technically and in terms of talent identification. His overall record had everything to do with knowing his players, their strengths and weaknesses, and using every opportunity afforded to him. Full stop.
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    What! I can't remember that but it sounds great.

    So if Mr White was to take over Scotland, would he be able to create some sort of winning mentality?
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    Not the world cup. I don't think Scotland have the players to do that. But i do think he can get them their confidence back, and perhaps even sniffs at a 6 nations title. He was a fantastic coach. But yeah, he would make a difference without a doubt i reckon.
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    What! I can't remember that but it sounds great.

    So if Mr White was to take over Scotland, would he be able to create some sort of winning mentality?

    Yea they did it in the Pool game in the 2003 WC against Uruguay. Complete stupidity, Koen did well kicking something like 6/12.

    God knows how i remember that :huh:
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