how much protection should i wear

Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by jimi_bradley, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. jimi_bradley

    jimi_bradley Guest

    i usually go in for just a chest protector but some people wear all sorts, including head, arm everything what do u guys reckon?
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  3. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    Always wear a condom. That's the only form of protection anyone should need.
  4. malena

    malena Guest

    hahaha. :roflrol: Goddamn...that's funny
  5. blocka

    blocka Guest

    it's personal preference really, everyone should wear a mouthguard IMO. I only wear that and a headgear/scrumcap
  6. Gavin

    Gavin Guest

    All you need is a gum-shield.
  7. Sir Speedy

    Sir Speedy Guest

    You beat me to it. >_>
  8. pennysworth

    pennysworth Guest

    unless your a second row or an 8 theres no real reason for a scrum cap. shoulder pads should have no place in rugby. mouth guard should be one of the only things you need really
  9. tommowins

    tommowins Guest

    I would also add hooker and props to pennysworth's list of headgear postitions. I used to wear headgear and it made not much difference for when you got hit. I think it is made for protection from scrummaging, hence its alternative name, scumcap.
  10. KillerMcOne

    KillerMcOne Guest

    when you are a forward you should take care for you ears
    i bet you dont want to have ears like e.g Vickery :p
  11. pennysworth

    pennysworth Guest

    arrgh true how could i forget the front row.... my bad =\
  12. punisher

    punisher Guest

    I have found that rugby shoulder pads help in the scrum (I'm a hooker). I made sure to get a model that includes the piece of padding across the upper back, over the spine.
  13. Bender

    Bender Guest

    Just along as you don't use more pads than a woman uses in a year.
  14. bates

    bates Guest

    Just a mouthguard, and if you have big ears a scrumcap
  15. Ruff

    Ruff Guest

    I agree all ya need is a gumshield - Don't go making it into a big poofs game like American Football
  16. chingnow

    chingnow Guest

    wearing shoulder pads and stuff just makes u feel like you got more protection..
  17. NHH

    NHH Guest

    A couple guys on the local club wear Canterbury shoulder/chest pads, I think 1 of them is a flanker. All I wear is a mouthguard.
  18. Andrew W

    Andrew W Guest

    I play tighthead and wear a scrum hat, mouthguard and sholder pads.
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