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How to become a professional Rugby player?




Could anyone tell me how can you become a professional Rugby player? What do you have to do? How can you be picked? etc.


For starters you have to be good enough and fitter then most other sportsmen out there.

Next you need to be scouted (whicle playing for the first team of a high profile ametuer/semi-pro side)and (provided your young enough) offered an academy position at a club or franchise. After a season or two in an academy you may be offered a contract, although there's a strong possibility you'll end up only being able to play semi-pro in a lower division.

It's not easy and unless you play international rugby (which in your case will be possible being Polish, but on the flip side Poland isn't regarded as one of the 'prestigous' international sides) there's a high chance you won't earn enough to retire once your playing days are up, so you also need another trade to fall back on 15 years down the road.
What do you mean by 'semi-pro side'. Do you mean one of the National Division One/Two teams?
It can be a lower league then even that, a semi-pro side will pay you to play for them, but it may only be £60 or less for a game, thus you need another job to live on and you're not a fully professional rugby player.
As you can see there this player's Former Club is Welwyn, it's a club I play for (amateur club). As most of people know Joe Worsley joined Wasps in the age of 16 from Welwyn (it's not a very good club). Does anyone know how he did it?
There is no set way of pursuing a career in rugby.

You have to better than the average player both physically and mentally. One is no good without the other.

You also need a hell of a lot of luck. Luck in staying injury free. Luck that someone from a top club actually spots you when you are playing well. Even luck that aren't other players the same age who are better and overshadow you.

The career of every professional rugby player will begin differently, it's impossible to offer any guaranteed way of working your way up that high.
both physically[/b]

I'm 3 times a size of every player in my team ;] In strenght I beat some of the u16 players.

As I said, that means nothing unless you can think the game. Physically I've never even looked like I should be playing rugby, but being able to read the game gets me by. Neither is any good on its own though.

Also, you have to bear in mind that people mature physically at different rates. When I was 13 I was playing with some guys who were bigger and stronger than anyone else, and were gamebreakers. The everyone else caught up with them and they became useless, simply because they weren't used to not being to just over or through people and actually having to think about what they were doing.

I'm not saying you don't know the game well, I don't know you. However, be wary of thinking you get to the top level based on your current physical superiority. I guarantee you can't, because it simply won't last.

Could anyone tell me how can you become a professional Rugby player? What do you have to do? How can you be picked? etc.



Supporting Saracens is a good step to take. Even Stanisław Sosabowski wanted to be a Saracens man! (j/k)
I actually like them, but I lived in Gloucester for quite long time so I won't change :p
I'm thinking of joining Hertford RFC, their 1st XV is in National Division Three South (12th place). Should I join them, what do you all think?
If you are good enough then people will get to know bout you and it could happen like that.I was playing division 4 in wales and had a good season and ended up playing for Swansea the season.It was just by word of mouth that someone there got to know about me then came to watch a game and then i ended up in the under 19 squad then through that ended up playing a couple of games for the senior squad.
If you could try and get a scholarship to one of the big boarding schools like Colston's it could help. The schools that do well in the Daily Mail Cup seem to get attention from academies.
If you could try and get a scholarship to one of the big boarding schools like Colston's it could help.

Colston's School is in Bristol ;/ Too far away, do you know any schools like that in Hertfordshire.

(I've heard that Hitchin Boys' school is good at Rugby)
The easiest way is to start off young and make all the rugby sides you can and get talent scouted. Some pro clubs hold try outs for junior contracts (development). Or you could just sign up to the best club you can and play extremely well and go from there.

It all comes down to how good you are. If you're good enough you'll be playing somwhere where you get decent exposure and if you're good enough to get to the next level you'll be talent scouted.
I could try in Wasps FC, I've tried Saracens but they have no spaces. What do you think, should I try in Wasps?
Ah! Now I know who you are! You were the chap on the Sarries forum!

I'm surprised that Sarries are full up, pleasantly surprised that is, means that their academy is in good health!

Try all four London clubs and see what happens.
London Irish are bit too far away

And I am the guy that was on the Saracens forum :p

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