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How to improve as a 7/centre


Academy Player
Jun 24, 2017
Hi I'm prodominantly an openside but I've played a few games a centre for my club as well. I'm 19 about 5'9 and 88kg, I'm your typical first to the breakdown, loads of tackles, good over the ball, decent hands type 7. I've got decent footwork as well that's probably pushed me towards the centres when we've had injuries and that.

Last year was my first year at uni and I played for the 2s/3s, only a couple of ffirst years actually played for the first team and one of them plays for Lancashire and England students.

What can I do both physically and skill wise to get better... I'm not sure if I'll be playing for the uni or for a club next year yet but I want to go back and give myself the best chance at playing at the highest level I can. As a smaller forward it's a fine line between being too light and carrying too much body fat to cover the weight. Specifically I want to lose some body fat, build muscle and stamina and improve my ball skills.

Anyway I'd appreciate any advice on offer, thanks.
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