How to run different game mods, seperately

Discussion in 'EA Rugby 08' started by Fa'atau82, Aug 22, 2008.

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    Hi guys,

    At the moment, we can only run one patch at a time, but i have had a very simple idea to blow that out of the water. Some of you might have done it already and i can't believe i didn't see it sooner.

    What i am working on will fix all that. A batch file (.bat) is used to give commands to the computer. It requires no technical skill (typing command lines in notepad and save it as 'all files') and what is does is execute those commands.

    So, if we made two directories identical but with different patch files (MUP and S14 or Legends) you'd click on the .bat file and then you can tell the computer to execute a command regarding the games folders and files. So lets say you have two folders (i know the names are wrong), called directoryx (MUP patch) and directoryz (legends patch).

    By far the easiest route is to just change the name of the directory folder, so you'd command the .bat to rename the folder 'directoryx' to 'directory' or 'directoryz' to 'directory', so you'd have two batch files and they each choose a directory. You click on the one you want and the game will automatically load the one with the correct name and return the file to it's edited name after the game ends. Alternatively, you can do this yourself manually so it should definitely work right now without a .bat file. I am gonna test it, but what it means is that it will bust the game wide open for patches. If you wanna do it now, make a complete copy of the directory.

    Then add say download MUP and make a note somewhere in the folder that it is MUP files.

    Simply, when you go to play, rename the folder you don't need to something different and the MUP folder to the right name. The game will always load the one it is told to look for so it should work!

    Of course, the .bat saves all that but i am learning how to code the command line.
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