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How to start set plays in RUGBY 2005



Ok fellas, here's how you get set plays to work in Rugby 2005! Please note, for some reason, I'm not too sure why, icon above the scrum halfs head doesn't flash all of the time!

1. At a ruck, pick a set play from the D-pad by tapping the appropriate direction!
2. If done correctly, the Icon above the Scrum halfs head will start flashing!
3. Wait til the scrum halfs icon turns GREEN and Stays that way!
4. Initiate the set play by passing in the appropriate direction!
5. When the fly half recieves the pass, Icons will appear above the players heads!
6. Press the corresponding button to which player you want to recieve the ball!
7. Let the play automatically commence, as soon as your chosen reciever gets the ball, you then take control again!

Hope this helps!

Just as a point of interest, while you're waiting for the flashing Icon to turn Green ( Point number 3), you have to make sure you are putting enough men in the ruck to enable you to keep the ball otherwise, if you wait long enough, the opposition will force a turnover!
Great Locks!!!

Can you elaborate (if you are not too busy signing autographs) on how each set play works (who runs where, etc).

Do you have total control over the first five once he (or she) has recieved the ball? Or does the first five run automatically in a direction while you decide when to let fly the pass?
Originally posted by locksley@Mar 5 2005, 10:36 AM
6. Press the corresponding button to which player you want to recieve the ball!
Thanks for that, I was a bit confused. Do you know what the keys you press are when numbers appear over their heads on the PC?

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