How to "unlock" the B&I Lions Tour in Rugby08

Discussion in 'EA Rugby 08' started by munross, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. munross

    munross Guest

    Hey all

    I've been going through rugby 08 and rugby 06 files and have seen that most if not all the files needed for the B&I Lions Tour are in rugby 08 data.gob the only question now is how do we get the B&I Lions Tour to work in rugby 08?There must be some way...right...?

    Sorry if this has been posted before but it would be really great to have the B&I Lions Tour in Rugby 08 (can't believe those low life c*nts from EA didn't put the Tour into 08 :rahh: :%#%#: :wall: )
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  3. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    I was thinking the same thing. Rugby 06 and Rugby 08 would typically share the same files. As far as i am aware there are files in the data.gob of Rugby 08 for Lions Tour and 10 Nations. The main part is to make them selectable in the main menu. There is a file in Rugby 08 for the tournament logos, but i am wondering if the Rugby 06 equivalent file, which has the extra logos for Lions Tour and 10 Nations would work.

    I don't think it will work to be honest, as there is no text and also no path to link them to the files, unless the tournaments are hidden like some of the teams are and you can activate them.

    I find it odd that there is fixtures for a Lions Tour in Rugby 08 when there is no Lions Tour mode. I think EA have just been very lazy and left stuff in the game. Honestly, i think that Rugby 06 has the best mod potential as it has more modes, although the game engine is not as good as Rugby 08, but it's nothing major. For me, it's the AI and also the fact that you can't add Portugal, unless you use another team.

    I think Rugby 06 is the better game of the two, if we are talking about mods. You can have a Magners League, Super 10 or Spanish Division De Honor with 10 teams.. you just have a poor RWC mod compared to 08. You could even edit the tour mode with other teams.

    I think that i might go back to editing Rugby 06 after MUP 09. All my stuff for 08 would work on it.. and i can make more mods, like a Magners League Mod or a 10 team Currie Cup.
  4. munross

    munross Guest

    Well atleast rugby 06's rules are correct like when you do not throw straight into the line-out you get a free kick and not a penalty like in 08 and so on...and you have the Lions Tour and 10 Nations Cup.

    There must just be some way to have the B&I Lions Tour in 08, maybe you have to edit something in the .english file???

    I will not give up untill I find something!there just must be some way...
  5. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    I am going to try to perhaps make some mods for Rugby 06 too. For me, the only real issue is the AI with 06. I much prefer the front-end, and it would not take much to adapt MUP 09 into it.

    I have just installed Rugby 06 back on my PC.. the reason is because i can find out more about Rugby 08, by learning about Rugby 06.. they left stuff in Rug y 08 with no way to play it.. so i will try to figure it out.

    The only issue i have with 06 is that the game would need to have Portugal added, but there is no flag. I was modding 06 before 08, and 08 is quite different in it's file make-up.. but hopefully i can provide you with some answers. I think with my experience, that it might be best to actually mod 06 rather than 08 in the future, and i'll probably switch back to 06. It seems simpler.. but as i said.. the majority of files are identical, so i can port them over without much fuss.

    All the faces and kit would work.. i'm sure i can code the xml to make a Magners League, and also a nice Lions Tour. the aim being that what you can't have on 08, you can have on 06.
  6. feicarsinn

    feicarsinn Guest

    ill informed as i am would it be at all possibly to bring the menus from 06 into 08? surely that would solve the problem but meh it probs cant be done
  7. munross

    munross Guest

    I have tried to change the menu stuff like replacing the RWC and 6 Nations menu's with the Lions Tour menu but no luck, it is the .rfe files
  8. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    The game is the game, and we don't have the software to edit it like they made it. We can just edit the content of the files, assuming a custom made program is made like a FSHed, bigGUI etc.

    I am resigned to the fact that Rugby 08 is a poor update of Rugby 06, and that the majority of dead rubber files that are lurking in 08's data.gob are un-useable. It's just laziness on EA's part to leave them in.

    Therefore, i am going to adapt the MUP project to Rugby 06. I can mod Rugby 06 the same as i can with Rugby 08, but with the extra features of Rugby 06.. it will actually be a better game. The only real aspect that Rugby 08 beats Rugby 06 with is the RWC mode and the additional parts.

    I can port over the roster, the faces, the kits, the logos and everything else. I plan to make a proper Lions Tour for Rugby 06, and also a licensed Magners League or Italian Super 10, or if i'm really insane, the Spanish League.

    After MUP 09 for Rugby 08 is complete, i will probably go back to playing Rugby 06. It is better for my plans of Legends Patch or retro World Cup Mods. I am basing this decision that there will be no Rugby 09, or that it will not improve the series. This has also happened with the NBA Live Series. The later games look amazing, but they play backwards. Therefore, many patchers are actually going back versions to enjoy their modding.

    For me personally, i would prefer Rugby 06 modding to Rugby 08. Of course, if i did make anything it would be compatible for both 06 and 08.
  9. munross

    munross Guest

    Yeah I might also give rugby 06 a modding go, I've just check and we could almost make a perfect Lions tour 2009

    You will have to replace the Warm-up matches full tour of NZ with SA's as the NZ tour got 9 fixtures and the SA tour only 6 or something.

    The Lions tour to SA 2009 got ten fixtures so using NZ tour ingame will almost be perfect, can just drop one of the warm-up games...

    I think modding rugby 06 could get fun...
  10. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    I'm gonna officially look into the British Lions thing. I have started, had no luck so far.. nothing seems to change, but i am going to make some trial and error and see how things go.
  11. pageski

    pageski Guest


    <string id="465" name="CMN_283">
    <string id="466" name="CMN_284">
    <string id="467" name="CMN_285">
    <english>RUGBY WORLD CUP 2007</english>
    <french>COUPE DU MONDE 2007</french>
    <string id="468" name="CMN_286">
    <english>RBS 6 NATIONS</english>
    <french>TOURNOI DES 6</french>
    <string id="469" name="CMN_287">
    <string id="470" name="CMN_288">
    <english>LIONS TOUR</english>
    <french>TOURNEE DES LIONS</french>
    <string id="471" name="CMN_289">
    <english>SUPER 14</english>
    <french>SUPER 14</french>
    <string id="472" name="CMN_290">
    <english>EUROPEAN TROPHY</english>
    <french>COUPE D'EUROPE</french>
    <string id="473" name="CMN_291">
    <english>WORLD LEAGUE</english>
    <french>LIGUE MONDIALE</french>
    <string id="474" name="CMN_292">
    <english>Knockout Tournament</english>
    <french>Tournoi à élimination directe</french>
    <string id="475" name="CMN_293">
    <english>TEN NATIONS</english>
    <french>TOP TEN</french>
  12. munross

    munross Guest

    Nice info pageski, but how do we use it...?Do you know Fa'atau82?
  13. feicarsinn

    feicarsinn Guest

    that knockout tournament looks interesting too if someone could get this to work t would be rave on
  14. munross

    munross Guest

    I've checked thats dc371d84ed78d4cf88a641a8d8abc38a.xml file and compared it to 06 dc371d84ed78d4cf88a641a8d8abc38a.xml file, bit different layout but all the text is pretty much the same...

    <string id="465" name="CMN_283"><english>TOURNAMENTS</english><french>TOURNOIS</french></string><string id="466" name="CMN_284"><english>PRACTICE</english><french>ENTRAINEMENT</french></string><string id="467" name="CMN_285"><english>WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP</english><french>CHAMPIONNAT DU MONDE</french></string><string id="468" name="CMN_286"><english>RBS 6 NATIONS</english><french>TOURNOI DES 6</french></string><string id="469" name="CMN_287"><english>TRI-NATIONS</english><french>TRI-NATIONS</french></string><string id="470" name="CMN_288"><english>LIONS TOUR</english><french>TOURNEE DES LIONS</french></string><string id="471" name="CMN_289"><english>SUPER 14</english><french>SUPER 14</french></string><string id="472" name="CMN_290"><english>EUROPEAN TROPHY</english><french>COUPE D'EUROPE</french></string><string id="473" name="CMN_291"><english>WORLD LEAGUE</english><french>LIGUE MONDIALE</french></string><string id="474" name="CMN_292"><english>Knockout Tournament</english><french /></string><string id="475" name="CMN_293"><english>TEN NATIONS</english><french>TOP TEN</french></string>

    The layout isn't the same as above, it goes on in one line all of it, I even copied this 06 dc371d84ed78d4cf88a641a8d8abc38a.xml file to 08 root location and the game still runs 100% but no changes...
  15. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    The code posted by Pageski is what i found. It has to be this that is file. rfe files are the data for arranging menus. So it's nothing to do with that.

    The odd thing is that it appears to be already assigned. If you look at dc.english in hex, there is no reason why the Lions Tour text should not appear, as if the code is correct for the working text/modes before and after it, it must be correct.

    I have a sneaky suspicion that you can get the modes to run, but only if you replace existing ones, or use existing paths. In theory, if you change the Lions Tour to the same code assignment as any other working mode, let's say tri-nations, lions tour now has a definite path, albeit a duplication of one and it will just copy tri-nations data, because that is what it is being told to load.

    If you change the coding of the lions tour and 10 nations to a working modes coding (lets say tri nations) it should load the text for tri-nations in the menu space (stringID)where the lions tour text would be, and it should make a duplicate of the tri-nations. I can't say you will get a menu logo for it though, as the file for that clearly has 6 only.

    You can then try and code the original tri-nations code/path with the coding for lions tour. It sounds confusing, but i think it may work like this.

    See, all the text is there in the dc.english and will load if we can make a path for it i am sure. Rather like you can use a transparent graphic to hide a graphic, i noticed that the 6 nations and tri-nations are in the wrong order text wise to how they are in the game, which has prompted me to think that they have been shifted around to make the Lions Tour and 10 Nations unselectable. The easiest and laziest way to hide something is from it's start point. If they just make the text disappear, the game will still load the files, but of course you can't access them because they are invisible.

    EA/HB won't remove anything from the data.gob, instead they leave it in so the foundation is left for future releases. Lions Tour and 10 Nations IS in the game, it is just lost, if you like and it think it is there.. rather like i can switch off a stadium with xml with a yes-no/true-false command, i think although there is no such file for modes, i think that if it's in data.gob it must be loading, it's just we can't see it because of some manipulative masking/coding.

    I will continue to test.
  16. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    Still no success and am running out of ideas fast. I think the key is in the .rfe files which layout the menu. In that rfe file we are looking for, i think the text has been disabled for that menu. We can't open the rfe files properly, although you can in notepad, but it's not editable to the point that you will understand what it is.

    I think Lions Tour is an 06 project as we can really do something good with it. I mean, many games go back to previous versions, as they prove better for gameplay and modding projects. You can have a Lions Tour, Super10, Magners League for 06 and some retro RWC's and for 08 we can have erm...
  17. C A Iversen

    C A Iversen Guest

    I have to say that '06 is often regarded the superior game to play of the two. Have certainly found that myself too. Modifying '06's tour would be very cool.
  18. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    Rugby 06 = Better gameplay, classic look, more modes.. but has less stadiums, teams and menu presentation is messy.
    Rugby 08 = Better modes, better presentation, more stadiums, great cameras, more teams.. but less modes and annoying rules.
  19. RobbieD_PL

    RobbieD_PL Guest

    Hi guys,

    I've tried to have a surf through the rfe files through Notepad, but there's so many of them I'm not sure where to start. Do any of you guys know which exact files are for the tournament modes?

    Also, where are the files that determine links between a tournament and its graphic files?
  20. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div>
    This is the same code as used in 06. In 06, you don't edit the dc.english to alter text, you edit this text instead. So it has relevance to 06, but in 08 it's obsolete. If it does control anything, it is already listed. I believe that the rfe files (menu programming and layout) would control the presence of the mode, as it seems nothing else does. It's like it's not6 linked to the text, so it's invisible. If we can edit rfe files, we can probably get some more progress.

    There is nothing you can use to activate the Lions Tour or 10 Nations. Honestly, i think it's just left in from 06 for no real purpose. They made 06, took the 06 database for 08, developed it in a different system but deliberatly left out those modes. I think it's because the challenge mode probably takes over the space of the two modes.. and they opted for that instead.
  21. ShaheenJ

    ShaheenJ Guest

    great effort that you guys are putting in, but i'm afraid it may just boil down to the game modes not written for rugby 08 even though the data is there. i wonder if it's possible to make a "unique" patch for the lions tour? i.e overwrite the 2006 six nations? list all the teams, and only draw up fixtures for the lions? don't know if it will cause the game to crash though. suppose you'd have to live with the "out of sorts" standings table because of that.
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