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Human Auction? What!



I like that kind of dirty talk...KEEP GOING!

On a side note, the IPL is the official sanctioned one, whereas the ICL is the rebel league (thank you for that information darwin_23).


I seriuosly think the IPL will be a great thing for the 20/20 game in Australia. I think the ACB will see how succesfull and exciting it is, for players and fans, and cash in on it here instead of having about 3 20/20 international games a summer they might actually have a series to go along with the Test and ODI series'


I have seen on the internet in a few places that channel ten won the rights to show this in aus and they are planing to show all the games live. this will be something special some of best players in the game teaming up together to take other's on including their own teammates.


Symonds was smart and pulled out to cash in. Amazing the number of retired players coming out of retirement for the big paychecks. I don't understand why people get up in arms about players making so much money. Its demand and supply. There are not many business people who would pay that money without some hope of recouping or at least doubling the price they will pay in wages to the players. Everyone wins and in India where people are mad on cricket they will laugh all the way to the bank. Cash in boys well done. Funny how some of the cricketers from NZ where it is a minor sport will now be on more than the All Blacks.

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