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very ****** off, today in my math class Pre Calculus, we had a lecture and such and we take notes.. and to be perfectly honest my Pre Calc. teacher is the worst teacher i have ever had, she takes shortcuts, doesn't explain herself and is just overall confusing.. so i get home to do my homework and what do you know? I DONT KNOW HOW TO DO THE f***ING THING BECAUSE SHE IS A ***** AND DOESNT KNOW HOW TO TEACH AT ALL.


So mad..
sounds like fun! my day is going like crap.

got woken up at 5am for work, coulndt log in from home. had to drive into work. got in about 630 (needed a shower and stuff) and now i am getting bagered as tehre is 5 servers not responding!!! wtf am i meant to do about it ;)
The best teacher is the internet

Second best teacher is TRF

Third best teacher is MTV
Calculus was my fav subject at high school, pity that was 10 years ago and I can't remember jack all of it now...
My english teacher is sooo gay I skipped English and went home at 11 yesterday. Ahh it was a good day!
I finally got it after about 2 hours i had finished it, thank God there is no homework tonight!
argh today i got the pre calc homework

thanks to a little elbow grease and a little kaftka

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