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I can't start to play !!! Help me please



Hi Friends !

Someone can help me. I don't know how to pass the Exercise 1.
I have tried many things, but the other team always get me, or the time over.

I starting in this game and all help is needed.

MSN : andre2005hotmail.com
Add me and help.
Well, I haven't played this game in quite a while, but when you have to score a try, 1 on 15, it is easier to run straight at them, then drift down to the left of the field and try and spot a gap. It takes a wee while, but you just need to keep at it and time the runs. Thats all I can say really.

Welcome btw.
From memory its very easy............go to the top of the screen and just use your pace to run around the whole team!!
Hi Friends !

Im surprise with the speed of yours responses. Thanks !

But I don't understand correctly, can you show in a image?

If I go to Top or Bottom, remains difficult to pass.


If this is the first challenge, then you can not pass. Only run. Sorry. But you should just draw as many defenders in as you can, and then sprint to the bottom of the screen and run up the 5metre line (or 15 metre line) spotting holes in the defence. Best advice I can give you. It is a hard challenge.

What have you got the game on? PC, PS2, Xbox?
Hi .:kaftka:.

Thanks a lot.

I have the game for PC. Have you a profile file to send me?

Thank you !

Hi Andre.

No, sorry, I don't have the game on PC.

Are you playing it with the keyboard? because that could cause some stiff control.

Perhaps, if you are playing with a keyboard, try with a gamepad, free the movements up a little. I don't know.

Just keep at it mate.

What country are you from?
.:kaftka:. ...

I m from Brazil... and you ?

This first Exercise is too hard for me, when I pass the guys, the times over !!!

Quite difficult to get through unless you have watched a lot of rugby on TV and seen how the real players move through gaps. Or if you have played it before in real life. Otherwise if you are a complete novice to the sport of rugby then this drill will seem very difficult.

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