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I estimate marler will join crusaders

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Dec 3, 2012
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Just putting it out there. Marler is retired as I understand, and crusaders need more loosies after injuries.

Robertson mentioned someone experienced is coming from overseas.

I'm guessing robertson could and would want to convince marler to join the crusaders for the rest of the season.

So it will happen
I was about to put in my prediction that leicester faingaanuku was going to go overseas, but that news has now just come out.

I had guessed it would be the case because the crusaders signed aumua, primarily a midfielder, citing his versatility. The crusaders already have plenty of top midfielders, and we all knew leicester was considering overseas offers. So it seemed maybe aumua was a leicester substitute.
Yeah he's.... Not retired?
Oh. I thought it was his last season, just finishing up. I can't keep up, he talks about retiring all the time.

I now see he has signed a contract extension with harlequins.

Never mind then.
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Shame, would have been fun.

My next guess is, as they are short on tightheads too and tamaiti Williams can switch to loosehead... Charlie faumuina.
Can't be faumuina, as razor suggested he'd be in camp soon and I didn't realise top 14 still has several weeks left
this is what razor said

"I can't tell you who it is because he hasn't arrived or anything, we haven't signed it off. He's played a lot of footy, and he's come from overseas, he knows his way around a rugby field"

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