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I hate the BSBC

Cutting off the rugby commentary for the god damn Cobblers at half time <_<

Que; God awful internet feed.
I wouldn't worry about it too much. I was there, the second half wasn't anything to write home about.
i have the solution

make ESPN worldwide with the same commentators with personality that the US has and boom there you go

im sorry but Sky Sports News is just boring, well i dont mind it because im interested in the little bit they dedicate to rugby but the comentators need more personality!

i doubt you guys have ever seen ESPN Sportscenter here its such a great sports show all the highlights the reporters do a good job of reporting the key details but they throw little bits of wit into it and make it really enjoyable.

We're talking about radio.

Alas, something that amused me;


Hilarious moment on BBC Look East news this evening. Sports reporter Jonathan Park is live at FG and covers all the region's sports news, shivering from his touchline angle, then begins an interview with Dorian.

"The season's been going so well," says BBC's ace reporter, "can you be stopped?"

"Yeah, we can definitely be stopped," says our Doreen. "We've been asked a lot of questions along the way and we've been a little inconsistent in how we played, so..."

"Dorian, thank you, must stop you there, back to the warm and cosy studio...". End of interview!

Saints may be unstoppable, or not... but the exigencies of live TV stopped our Doreen in his tracks. I bet that hasn't happened before.


They're certainly proving themselves to be complete tools by censoring Fairytale in New York.
Absoloutely ridiculous that, especially as Radio 2 is still playing it uncensored.

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