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I have decided



If EB dont ring me before next week i am not going to buy the game at all, i may end up just hiring it out. though i want to buy it i am not going out of my way to see if it is in.

EB didn't ring me for 2 weeks until after RL2 was out before i bought that, and i got that from gamesman anyway. I know the PC version is at gamesman but i am 2 lazy to go down there to get it.

i am sure that EB games are going to be ringing me in a week or 2 when they realise that i havn't come in.

if they dont ring me by the time Rugby 2006 comes out, and they dont ring me for that either (which i am sure they wont) ill just go to gamesman then.

meh who knows maybe i will get it on xbox or something but not from eb
man, i went to eb at warringah mall this morning to try and get and they hadn't even heard of it. they looked it up on the comp and told me i must be wrong and that it didn't exist. Then i went down to dick smiths and they had it on the shelvs. stuff eb!
AHHHHHHHHH and blockbuster in LH dont have it to hire

ill have to try video ezy


nope not there either

god damnit

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