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I Need that movie!!!!!!

That clip has been taken off by locks as he needed it for the web space for the 26 short clips he posted. If someone had saved it then they should be able to send it, I wished I had saved it man!! Have you seen the short clips they should give you an idea of the in game footage. Can`t wait looks 10 times better than I expected.
Yes i have seen it sheeeesh man i cant wait i already pre-orderd my copy of the game... well guess i would have to go home tonight and play r2004
It is unfortunate you did not see it, there is a cool try in it with some nice animation you would not have seen in the 26 clips. Ben Cohen goes over for the try and dives and then slides a short distance looks awesome.
Grrrrrr im soooo jealous. COme on ppl sum1 must have it still im sure PLZ PLZ PLZ send it to me PLZ!!!!!!!!
I saved the vid so ill send it ok?

edit: sorry just realised i can only send 10mb files

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