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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by sionlikesmusic, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Hi, this is my first post, and unfortunately I'm going to ask a question that regards people's commitment to rugby.

    Atm, I play for my school's first XV, and depsite there not being much of a team feeling, I don't mind playing for them whenever we have a game. At the same time, I'm part of a club outside of school, and we seem to have much more of a team feeling, but because we've lost a lot of our good players and because (and I don't mind admitting this) we're crap, I've been questioning lately whether I really want to carry on playing for my club. It's not a case of me being big headed and thinking that I'm too good for the club, because this coming season will be my second full season, but recently I've just been feeling like there's no point to it.

    And what I don't get is that this is happening in a place where there's a team environment, whereas I have no problem playing for my school when there's obvious groups between the players.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    It would be a massive help if I knew what other people thought about this because I really don't know whether to keep going for my club or just to stop wasting people's time and pack it in.
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  3. chinwaggler

    chinwaggler Guest

    There are obvious groups at school because people already know each other and people are already in groups from school. You could always find another club.
  4. pennysworth

    pennysworth Guest

    your not really wasting your time. if the coaching is good and your developing as a player you should keep on playing. if your not getting anywhere in rugby as a player since your much better and the coaches can't teach you anymore than you already know then you should go for another club
  5. OSU Blue

    OSU Blue Guest

    i sort of went through this.. i took this past year off partially because i had to get my act together in school, and partially because my team wanted to party more than win matches.. i take rugby extremely seriously, and lost a lot of sleep on this. ultimately, it just depends on you.. im going to play this year again, and am going this with everything i have to play to win. i plan on re-evaluating the situation after the first month of play. if they are competitive and serious, i will be right there at the front. if they want to get drunk the night before matches, then i, too, will drop rugby from the top of my proiorities.. i love the game, and want to stay in it because of that. im just going to be sure and not get ahead of the team and set myself up for disappointment again..

    so if it comes down to it and they dont wanna play seriously, then i will become more of a social player. perhaps just not travelling with them, or playing only on B-Side matches, etc.. my problem is more with commitment than losing. i dont mind losing to a better team. it's losing to a shitty team because none of my mates give a damn that keeps me up at night..

    In your situation i think it boils down to this: do you love winning more, or rugby more??
  6. Steve-o

    Steve-o Guest

    OSU Blue, sounds like your drinking team had a rugby problem haha. But yeah sionlikesmusic I also had, and still have, this problem. Alot of people join sport clubs after school for social reasons more than sport reasons. I don't know how many clubs are there in the US but if there are better clubs around, go for it. No use sticking around if negligting (sp?) the very reason you're there, plus the comradery you gain within a serious team that actively pursues a goal trumps anything imo.
  7. bates

    bates Guest

    Well if you like rrugby and you like your team you should give it a second try.
    If the coaching level is crap you shoudl consider playing for another team, if you join a new team just buy some beers and the atmosphere is all gud.
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