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I played it today on Xbox..



Reeeally good. First impressions, reeeeally good. Graphically, it's mint. On par with FIFA, Madden, ... well, maybe not quite, but it's close. The menu structure rocks, much tidier than the shitty job R2004 did. Classy, stylish, nice options.

Anyway, gameplay. Again, thumbs up. None of that crappy "spread it to the wing and score" crap, it really requires skill. The animation is superb, tackling is spot on, and the rucks look good, not messy like previous versions.

Two big annoyances: 1) The kicking game. ARGH!! It's exactly the same as 2004 and it's SO difficult to see where the kicks are gonna end up. It is a bit nicer, the grubbers are varied and you can do JLR-style kick-towards-your-own-goalline-to-make-your-kick-like-a-random-chip (lol), but it still sucks! Even in "classic" view it's hard to kick.

And 2) - although it's not a biggie, from a kickoff, if the ball LANDS inside 10m, you get penalised. Is this correct? I thought it was if one of your own players TOUCHED it within 10m.. can someone clarify?

Anyway, two thumbs up for this game - it really is almost an entirely new game compared to 2004!!

Questions welcome
Yeah one good question. Where are you from. Are you from the uk. If so where did you get the game.

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