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  1. [​IMG] ok...this would be so much better if this forum was more lively!!! know we could have 100-300 people on line all the time...i mean rugby is international right!!..surely this forum could attract more numbers from everywhere...coz im sick and tired of hearing how great the allblacks are and how they are freaed by everyone [​IMG] ....

    one forum to rule them all! have this site thriving with alot of ideas and input of our great sport!!!..but it all starts from the foundation work..the basics

    take for example each thread..that represents there region of rugby,like the north and south..all should be updated frequently,weekly..even if its minor news..everyone will have there opinions on it...i just mean posting up articles from official news sites and have everyone chatting on it whether sharing there frustration or agreement..aslong as it brings in the posters with there views then good

    another of the "basics" the sport and history!!!

    amongst the clowns like ripper and ass ben...and sometimes gjohn1970s this could attract the old rugby public..old heads from the rough know the middle aged internet users...there is one amongst and he is growing old in his withering life [​IMG] ...but seriously these guys have great insite and knowledge about the saying to have a sub forum/thread dedicated to the history of our know reviews history and the birth of our game...the politics involving racism,the creation of league and the pro era...all the way to classic match reviews

    it would attract a new audience and also enlighten everyone else here

    again with the basics..the actual rules of our game..theres heaps but another sub forum/thread should be dedicated to this..showing the rules within the game also pictures with actual ingame footage or cartoon pics with captions describing each action/or rule...also game techniques such as basic tackling,lineout moves eg. jumping/lifting/throwing and scrum techniques(which should be the most important due to the death of some players from wrong techniques or positioning)....and there should be a tip thread for aspiring youngsters playing..just like mentioned above tips for kicking/scrumhalf passing to ball carrying or simple exercises to practice with

    this will be a very valuable part of this thread in the future as with the growing demand of our sport is getting bigger and bigger!!!(over a billion people viewed the last worldcup and its the 3rd biggest sporting event in the world)..and people will want to know everything and they could see all that on one site

    trf has to benefit from this...its up to the admin on how they run this site and how to operate with showing this site off...

    another thing is a video section..there is so much limited acess to quality videos it sux balls!!!!....mayn we need to see the great tries,great games,big hits anything rugby related!!!..i dont know how we can get these(other than asking ya local sports stations for some coverage) but it would be another wise move to pursue as videos would attract alot of fans onboard

    i would like to say the banner is cool azz!!!...the site is still bland...i would like to see a darker backdrop,maybe something a few shades light of navy blue as the background colour..also with international superstar rugby players in the background like odricoll,umaga,lomu,sheridan..just images of them during gameplay wud be a nice touch

    and also a sevens thread and womens rugby thread(so we can attract those beautiful lock and front row ladies)..the sevens thread is a keeper should have always been for ladies until the site gets a hold of those actually interested in the womens rugby then it should get the go ahead


    those are my ideas im willing to share as this site is pretty dry...amongst the clowns i reckon this site cud pan everything out to have a solid core of posters with differing los lover!!!

    i would like this site to be rich with insite..coz i love connects the world through bone shattering hits,freakish side stepping,unbelivable speed,pure agression,tactical warlike gameplans,grunt grunt and more grunt,adrenaline and the unity of teamwork...its the greatest sport of all and can only get better!!!..and trf can contribute to it!!!...hardwork must be done!!..and im not putting my hand up to do it [​IMG] but st helen,if you and your motley crew of bumboys and choir boyz are up to the challenge of taking this site to a new level..then theres all the stuff ive mentioned to work on

    word up!
    keeping it gangsta since buck shelford got his nut bag rucked out

    chiro [​IMG]
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  3. chiro - well done on your longest post.

    although because of my small attention span, i might have missed something, but are you just saying we should make the site... err.. bigger?

    the only way to get 100-300 members on at one time is to advertize (and i mean, someones going to have to pay to advertize) or join up to a website without a forum
  4. read it u just saying some improvements may attract different audiences of rugby

    like the rules/tips section for newbies who want to play rugby....

    and a history thread...for the old fellaz whos insite wud be great
  5. wigan_rlfc

    wigan_rlfc Guest

    If you look in the back of the Rugby League 2 user guide there is a list of websites, this could have been in there. [​IMG]
  6. im sure this one will be on the rugby challenge 2006 game book

    this game should be more appealing than the overrated rugby league 2 and should sell more becoz of rugby being a global sport...and if this is the game that should overtake lomu than the trf should be a much better place...dont you think
  7. Wow, I actually totally agree with what you're saying. [​IMG]

    Some really good idea's there, although size wise it can be difficult to force the forum to become bigger. I've tried doing the round on the big English club rugby websites, and have had some limited success.

    I think if people want to attract more members, this needs to happen in more countries. Tell people about it and your job is done, they can scope the site out and choose whether to join or not.

    More affiliations might also be nice, but they are quite difficult to gain agreement on.
  8. We'd need to refine this idea right down to the finest detail but it has massive potential.
  9. NZL Fan

    NZL Fan Guest

    (above) Chiros best post ever..................
  10. whats that spose to mean?
  11. NZL Fan

    NZL Fan Guest

    A "compliment"..............
  12. ..::ERIC::..

    ..::ERIC::.. Guest

    When I become MP for the Wairarapa district I will enforce everybody with a computer to sign up. That will add 5 or so more members.
  13. im amazed that there are more than 5 people living in the wairorapa
  14. kinkon89

    kinkon89 Guest


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    ....hey we could go back to the streakers idea [​IMG]
  15. ..::ERIC::..

    ..::ERIC::.. Guest

    Where is wairorapa Sam?
  16. i can answer that eric the viking warrior princess:
  17. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    Next to Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapiki-maungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu
  18. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    I live just up the road from there.



    Chiro, thats awesome...Unfortunately, most of the bums on here are lazy ass mofos, so I doubt half of that will happen. I'm game though...
  19. So basically, from reading Chiro's peice...

    We need to find a way of portraying the true passion of rugby and its fans through improvement of the forum?

    I get ya.
  20. Dumbo

    Dumbo Guest

    Always thought Chiro was a whiteman... no typo's, intelligent comments, good ideas...

    There’s also lots of younger players from all over the world that are on the net… getting local clubs would be a good way of gaining support;
    By breaking sections down such as Country, State/Province, Grade, Teams and posting results would make this site pretty big… just an idea


    NSW, Club, Grade
    QLD, etc..
    VIC (Hardly no point)
    TAS (No point)
    NT (No point as well)

    Does this forum have an advertising budget? Does it have a budget? Is it making any money (Swordfish Studios)?
  21. No, no and no.

    When I buy it I will try and make it into a profit making venture for all concerned.
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