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ummm ok...... Its Dan's T-shirt that has done it...

Either that or the remains of the Vanessa Cake.

I made that name up.

Wonderful, no?
Surely out of date Vanessa Cake (nice one, webby!) can't give you tonsilitis, can it?!
It was a underage, out of date Vanessa cake. It's gotta to do some sort of damage to your mouth.
ive had tonsilitus and its certainly no laughing matter, i feel for you mate

an ospreys ***le win will ease the pain though :D
I cna't deny that, mate.
Just hope they don't slip up in Scotland!

One more game...come on!
Tell me about it.
I was anxious about today's game...and i'm petrified for tomorrow.

Oh god, what if the Borders actually turn us over? What if they actually get that bloody win?!

I'm scared...
Funnily enough, Doctors have started to realise that there MAY actually be a use for your tonsils after all.

They were getting a little chop-happy until they realised that short term, yes it stops the pain, but long term it leaves you far more open and susceptible to further infections.
ive never had tonsilitis but ive had strep throat plenty of times

some girl i know just got tonsilitis and had hers takin out..