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I'm getting a 360



So which games shall I get? So far the list is Fifa 07, Burnout Revenge, Moto GP 06 and Call of Duty 2 (or 3).

Gimme some more ideas of good stuff.
Call of Duty 3 - Definate Yes
Tiger Woods 2007 - Fantastic Best Sports Game on 360
Pro Evo 6 - Bloody Good it will grow and continue to grow how realistic this game is
Gears of War - Probably the best shoot em up ever

I would wait on Burnout if you could mate, believe a new one is due out soon!!!

And Guitar Hero 2 is due out soon on it!!!
Madden 07 is very very addictive. Oblivion is brilliant and has stunning graphics aswell
* Rainbow Six: Vegas
* Splinter Cell: Double Agent
* Top Spin 2
* Battlefield 2
* Dead Rising
* F.E.A.R - Brilliant Horror FPS on the PC
* Project Gotham Racing 3
* Need 4 Speed: Carbon
* Test Drive: Unlimited
* Ridge Racer 6 - Arcade game £17.99 on play.
* Fight Night Round 3
* Ghost Recon 3: Advanced Warfighter
* Hitman: Blood Money
* Prey
* Perfect Dark Zero
* Quake IV
* Amped 3
* Football Manager 2007
* NHL 2007
* Lord Of The Rings: The Battle For Middle Earth II

That's all I can think of that has been released & no one else has mentioned. Have fun!
From what I hear 07 is good, all be it not as many teams and stadia are in it as the Xbox and PS2 versions (but in all honesty, who really wants to play as Petoborough United in a poxy small stadium?)

06 on the 360 was supposedly a load of cack though (the RTWC version).
I got both Fifa 07 on the 360 & on the Xbox. They are two different games. The 360 version is cack, it plays nothing like the Xbox version.
More like anti-fanboy; I've owned the original PES and PES4.... I could never get into either of them. Plus all my mates play and know Fifa, so it makes sence to get that in the multiplayer sence.
That's fair enough, and I do hear that the gap between the two (whichever you believe to be better) is not as distinct this year.

Although neither game is the best that the system has to offer! Oblivion can take weeks out of your life if you enjoy that type of game, and I also enjoyed saint's row for a good while. Currently playing the new Splinter Cell which is also awesome.

Normally more of a sports game person, and aside from Evo, am yet to find one which has really DEMANDED my time. Sounds like Tiger Woods is the way to look, it's a shame that Madden still isn't quite there compared to it's current-gen iterations... I hear the same is true with Fifa?
Aye. Tiger Woods is also an option. Tiger Woods 2003 still takes up at least an hour of my week.
My flatmate and I have played Tiger for roughly an hour most days since Tiger 05. I don't know what it is, we just can't stop playing it. Therefore through repitition, we've become quite handy at it, but thankfully with the Xbox 07 version it's a lot harder to kick arse.

Scores of 70 under very rare now, more like 30 under in 4 rounds. Scores of 50 being replaced with 60s, which are matched by the ai...
Aye. Tiger Woods is also an option. Tiger Woods 2003 still takes up at least an hour of my week.


i **** you not.............if 2003 takes an hour out of your week, 2007 will take a day out of your week

you cant fail with these

Gear of War
Tiger Woods 2007
I hope tiger woods makes it onto the wii. the golf game in wiisports is pretty good but something like tiger woods with all the options would be sweet.

dead rising I have heard is another good 360 game that lots of people have.

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