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I'm probably being a spastic but...



Can someone help me find Boots 'N' All on the sky sports page.
For months they've kept everything fairly similar and i've always known what link to click on when i want to watch the weekend highlights (the only thing i have to watch the Superleague), but now things have been changed around.
I don't know any of the results yet (except for the Leeds game where Brent "the ********" Webb threw a couple of forearms into peoples faces) and i'm dying to watch the highlights...it's just i can't find the link.

Please someone, help me!
Yeha, that's where my bookmark takes me. And then usually there's a nice big link giving me the option to watch this weeks Boots N All which opens in a new windown and lets me watch last weeks (and about 8 other Boots n all programmes) as well as the most recent.
Now i can't even find this weeks.
I can only find the one when Saints played against Wigan.

No. THe one i use is the one you stream from the site.
That one tries getting itunes or somethign like that.

I just wanna stream the fecking highlights, where are they?
Av it!
That's the *******! Where's he been?!
Sweet...gonna get my fix of Super League tonight!

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