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Image Requests




I require 2 Images to be created, which I will detail below, if people could post the images they have created I will decide which is best...

The First Image/Logo is going to be used for the TRF Members Hall Of Fame, so basically this is an open canvas, do what you want as long as it has the words TRF Members Hall of Fame.

The Second Image/Logo is going to be used for a Staff Profiles section, which will be displayed on the index page and possibly on the staff page, so once again an open canvas, which needs to have something on the related lines, if you could try to keep in keeping with the current site that would be an advantage...

Hope so of you Photoshop wizards can do something for me... I am looking at DC13 and Teh Mite to produce the best bits...


hope this works out for ya

A bit more of a description would be useful here, you after this sort of thing?

Well I best do something myself :(:(:(:(:(:(:(

It will look crap but who cares... Only me...

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