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    The Rugby Forum Would like to issue the following Statement

    Recently we at The Rugby Forum, have been hit with some legal action against us for Copyright infringement, this was a shock to the team and made us aware of an area we have recently been unfortunate to overlook.
    We have agreed an out of court settlement for this legal action, but unfortunately it has had to come from our own pockets, to enable us to keep the forum open for business. We were fined £75 for Copyright Infringement by

    We at The Rugby Forum, would also like to make a public apology to for any loss of Business and breach of Copyright which we may have done, and hope that we can allow this now to pass us by, so we are able to look forward to the future, and build on the basis of The Rugby Forum.

    This fine has hindered us in the development and running of the board, and we would like to ask if you can afford to donate some money to help out with the fee we would be grateful for this, even if you can only afford £1, if we get £1 from 75 people you will have helped keep the board running for many years to come. A donation can be made by using Paypal. (Link on front page -

    The results of these actions has forced us to look and change some of our policies in place, we now would like to ask every user who posts an article from a news item to please include a link to the original article, any articles which do not have a link will be removed by the staff team. We would also like to ask members to keep an eye on images they post on the forum, if you feel there is no right for us to hold on to these images, then please don't post it, or if it is necessary please place a link to the original image.

    Thank You for your Support and Once again we hope will accept our sincere apologies.

    The Rugby Forum
    Co-Owner of The Rugby Forum

    Any Further discussion can be found here
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