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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by leicester, Jan 20, 2005.

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    I am hoping that R2005 will have injuries that are carried forward to future games (one of the few things that R2004 got mostly right). I feel that this can add extra depth to a game with a minimum of extra effort. I like having to cope without key players and facing selection problems as a result. I like the idea of applying caution and occassionally resting key players before big games to protect them from injury. On thing though...

    ...I was frustrated by the max squad size of 30 imposed in R2004. Barely acceptable in my opinion. I feel that to allow more effective tactical decision making and player selection for international and Lions teams (it would be nice to select your own Barabarians squads too...), you need a minimum of 35. I can't see that this would cause significant programming problems. You need TWO complete teams (a first and a reserves if you will) and you need extra cover for those specialist positions like Hooker, No.8, Scrum Half and Fly Half (three of each is ideal in my opinion). This leaves you with one free space to suit your fancy.

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  3. leicester

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    The other bug that must surely be resolved this time around was the interminable problem of only allowing you to manually select TWO centres for a squad. OK, so autoselect gave you four but what if you didn't want one or more of those four? I mean, who in their right mind would pick Brian O'Driscoll in centre for Ireland [​IMG] (before you all jump on me, of course I'm joking about BOD, but you get my point). This really frustrated the hell out of me...


    da 30 man squad is realistic tho dats how many u take 2 a world cup 30 i think in test matches tho like da philips series u can have 30 n dat center thing was a problem u cud always juss go create player n change da centers u wanted 2 b wingers n en bak up position center
  5. What does this all mean, in English?
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    Reckon, does it really take that much of an effort to use proper english?

    Seems odd, unless texting on a phone...

    I think he was saying something about how each squad should have 30 players [​IMG]


    ill post again then i dont knowyit was so hard to read.Leicester said that the game should have a 35 man minimum squad.All i was saying is thatreal rugby like the rugby world cup for instance is you can only have a 30 men squad.In the philips series or other international you can have 33.I was just pointing out that if the game was to be realistic than they should stick to the games real rules and regulations.And excuse the beginning what i meant to say was ill post it again then i dont know why it was so hard to read.....ahahaaaaaaaaa i still dont know how you couldnt read it lol


    though you guys are right it doesnt take much time to reply in proper english


    lol my bad again guys i just read my post i thought i was confusing you guys with stuff like 2 n m8 stuff like that but i couldnt understand what i was writing either.............i was also saying to leicester on how to solve his problem with centers in rugby 2004.Hes rght when he says you cant pick more than 2 centers and there are others ways but i suggested that he go to create a player base copy the centers he wants and change there primary positions to wingers n back up postion to center.That way he can have as many centers as he likes....I Feel like an esl teacher or something along those lines right now
  10. leicester

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    Thanks for your comments, ALL BLACKS.

    Suggestion re: centres is not bad and, indeed, I did try this myself months ago. Maybe it worked on your game but my R2004 seemed to 'remember' and simply would not let me allocate centres or centres that I had edited to wings / full backs. I have absolutely no idea how or why the game seemed able to do this but, to this day, I still can't get around the problem without editing non-centres to have the stats required, completely re-editing appearance and other features in line with the player I wanted and renaming them with a variant of the original centres name. This is a ridiculous amount of effort to go to so, consequently, I don't bother.

    I am sure that you guys will all be thinking that I must have had one too many since your versions of the game probably work perfectly (you know what I mean). Nevertheless, trust me when I say that this was the only solution that ever worked and it was just way too much, especially when the poor quality of gameplay did not reward your efforts.

    Team numbers: Yes and no. International touring squads can be larger than 30 (Wales took 33 abroad in 2004; England took 32). Lions squads are larger than 30 (this years tour to NZ will take 44 - much larger). The point is that, if you want them and need them, they are there for you. If you don't want them, fine. If picking for Lions, I still maintain that you would want TWO FULL TEAMS (30) + reserve back up for hooker, 8, scrum half and fly half (4). I made the total upto 35 because its a nice round number and gives you a spare pick on top.

    If you have 30 you are always working to the minimum. Clearly 44 is a bit excessive (just for the Lions) so I figured 35 was a good compromise. Close enough to 30 to retain the stress of losing a few players to injury but allowing greater selection flexibility and cover for Lions etc...
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