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Nov 12, 2015
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I'm not involved, but I've promoted this project whilst they were data-gathering, and pointed some members of the forum in their direction.

UK Athlete Health Study
The findings from our study on total injuries across a rugby career and their long term impact, were published today in Sports Medicine.
We are calling for efforts to be stepped up for brain and MSK injury prevention at all levels of the game, and for support of players post retirement.
Thanks to everyone who took part. More research findings to follow.

Across multiple injury types, past participation in rugby union and rugby league, particularly at elite level, is associated with a high cumulative injury load and a continued impact of previous injuries post-retirement. Given the high number of reported concussions (and their recurrence) and associations between previous injuries during a player’s career and current musculoskeletal conditions, efforts should be prioritized to reduce the occurrence and recurrence of injuries in rugby codes at all levels of the sport. Strategies should also be developed for supporting the specific physical health needs of rugby code athletes post-retirement.

So basically - "For the love of any god you care for - get your club to run the RFU's Activate programme for injury prevention". I under the impression that the basic resources are available to anyone, but the added training would be for RFU affiliated clubs only.
Interesting ... I’ll look in to this.

Too late for me personally though.

I’m not yet 40 and my left ankle, right knee and neck are not in great shape. I run 5 days a week for fitness (not far) but it comes at a cost in terms of pain management.

I’ve also had significant injuries to both hands which don’t cause me trouble at the moment but probably will do in years to come.

The amusing thing is that I’m seen to be in very good nick by most people in rugby circles.
Yeah, I stopped playing in my early-to-mid-20s but had accumulated a bunch of injuries by that point.
Back is the worst - it's not a major injury but it's a lingering one. Joints aren't in great knick but easier managed
My only true issue, at the grand old age of 32, is my ankles after a game/training, comes from breaking my right fibula 5 years ago, still have the metalwork in there. Pre-season has been a shock to the system for them as well
I wasn’t too far shy of 40 when I stopped. Ankle’s a bit lumpy where I broke it but doesn’t really cause me any problems.

Main issues are a crunchy back & neck and a couple of shoulders that don’t have the flexibility they might - one was operated on. Can’t exclusively blame rugby - weights, javelin throwing and cycling have all played their part.

Conclusion: sport is bad for you. Getting older’s not hugely helpful either, but better than the alternative :)

The best £50 I’ve spent was on a proper quality foam roller. Really helps and now seldom visit the physios and osteopaths I used to single handedly keep in business.

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