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Investec Champions Cup 23/24 - Semi Finals

No blockbuster fixture really and both expected to be comfortable home wins. Leinster and Northampton have some history but don't think we've played in 10 years. Toulouse v Quins have never played a significant game in my memory.

Saints players have a few sound bites but Leinster have chosen to remain quiet again.
Croker getting a lot of attention.
ROG having a whinge and talking about Leinster.

Seems about right for our game anyway.
Sleightholme is the big absentee for Saints. Picked up a concussion last week.

Good test for Freeman at 13. It might end up being his best position so will be good to see him up against top opposition.
I actually think there is 2 nice ties. Reckon Quins will put it up to Toulouse and Saints won't win but will be competitive,

On teams the Saints team suggests an aerial battle especially with Rahm on the wing.
Surprised Jimmy O'B straight back to 23 but presume Ringrose/Keenan calls dictated that.

Will be an interesting game. Frawley will get tested by Smith for sure.
I don't think it will be that competitive tbh
Both games I can see the homes teams pulling away pretty easily after 50 mins
Can't see Leinster lose but can see the fact they haven't played alot lately counting against them in the sense it will be a finish where they keep Saints at like 10 points or so
That is surely a **** take on RTE. Match delayed as Leinster fans were delayed and lost coming from Southside.
Jacqui Hurley surely was messing despite it being serious
Scrappy from both sides,
Whoever settles their nerves first could be big
Wtf was Mitchell doing there, leave it for Hendy

He needs to give his head a wobble asap
Scrappy from both sides,
Whoever settles their nerves first could be big
Saints have alot of ball but seem very nervy. The occasion definitely getting to them. Likes of JGP for Leinster have settled in great
Leinster will win this by a margin
Yeah, Saints halfbacks playing terribly atm, and Leinster looked significantly more powerful in that 5m battle

Thought Saints might be able to jouex jouex their way into a competitive 50 or so, but not with Mitchell and Smith playing like this
Also is pitch too big like every kick chase has been miles off competitive.

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