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Iran should be invited to become an affliate member of the IRB




This is a petition to allow Iran to become an affliate member of the IRB, sport should never become political and as long as Iran aren't a member of the IRB this is yet another non-political sanction which Iran is faced with, If you follow the link it will tell you more on this matter.

Iran has only played 4 IRB sanctioned matches and they have won all three easily, in order for Iran to grow as a rugby nation it requires IRB's assistance, therefore hopefully this petition will allow dialogue to begin between the IRB and Iran.

What is the issue? I am not sure to understand. Why can't they apply by themselves to the IRB?

As far as I know there's no boycott of Iran involvement in international sport like Serbia or South Africa in the 80's and 90's.
I see no reason why Iran cant be a affiliate member of IRB i shall sign this petition.
Cleaned up a load of shite from this thread. Cut the negative rubbish and keep it on topic please people.
I read the article, but it never mentions why the IRB hasn't accepted them yet. Have they approached the IRB and asked for affiliation and been knocked back?

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