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Discussion in 'EA Rugby 08' started by Fa'atau82, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    Hi guys,

    I was thinking that we should start looking forward to a RWC 2011 patch. It's gonna be two years ago since RWC 2007 soon, and that leaves 2 years until the next one.

    We have all the logos, fixtures, schedules and we can guess the teams to qualify. The files won't take long to update now we have all the themes and designs for it that have been officially released.

    So i am asking if anyone wants to get involved in a new patch, then i think this is it.

    All that needs making is the actual logos and screens, the xml and rsg for the actual fixtures/schedule and if you wanted, add some newer kits. I can do pretty much the whole thing, apart from kits/minikits. The roster can be whatever you wish.

    If you'd like to get involved, then please post here you want to contribute with skillswise, i.e roster maker, kit maker, coder etc and we can plan a proper patch.
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  3. munross

    munross Guest

    I'm in, will be mostly able to help with the roster and updating fixtures and maybe updating of some faces...

  4. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    I can tell you who to assign for the Face ID's for the new faces i configured. The patch would mainly be an overlay of graphics, and some text changes to the french rwc stadiums.
  5. RobbieD_PL

    RobbieD_PL Guest

    I'd definitely like to contribute!
  6. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    It doesn't need much work.. mainly just updating the adboards, logos and themes which i can do. If someone can do the rsg and xml that'd be good.
  7. kabezon

    kabezon Guest

    maybe could i help in anything?
  8. jimbook

    jimbook Guest

    I can't really help with anything but looks really great!
  9. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    Wanna do some adboards, kabezon?
  10. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    Here is a quick list of files

    20bcde2a49e467eebb5e141666393f43.fsh RWC logo
    9b569b7cf7da2ee6ca753256884a6718.fsh RWC stadium graphics
    6c2efbd4842509a8f4f7020e9e7e1e88.fsh RWC ball
    e772896bc25d864dbec50712daab1841.fsh RWC pitch logo
    3e8699ae32699fa51800b7432fb86d12.fsh WC2007 logo

    e1540cfc2617a7a1f3ba8699d9a18e89.fsh Stadium graphics (flags + posts) stadedegerland
    c73641099ef8e2ce40dbd5fd56adc288.fsh Stadium graphics (flags + posts) StadeDeLaBeaujoire
    dffffd6545d16f958e1ee4933957266b.fsh Stadium graphics (flags + posts) stadevelodrome
    338f822519a0a64cdff2d2a401616e3a.fsh Stadium graphics (flags + posts) felixbollaert

    485c3bef5972390ec66b2ff013c45d14.fsh RWC adboards
    d2fe3ea6f89a14ea899a963aa2b36217.fsh RWC adboards

    f6a77a69ddf16a1d5f30c95aa5422403.big Blue with green stripe front Referee D (WC)
    6c145d650a283f675abc5a818c00c849.fsh Blue with green stripe back Referee D (WC)
    b5f07d31a738ea2f1a6c42b82cbed196.big Blue with green stripe front Referee E (WC)
    911e76f12d0b18d2ee7a6f34ce32ace6.fsh Blue with green stripe back Referee E (WC)
    69d1157078fd294183654d7c2597d9d3.big Blue with green stripe front Referee F (WC)
    d206d7fa753392e278b066643306b9ba.fsh Blue with green stripe back Referee F (WC)

    454c93926f4a0e71075777a2833d1e80.fsh Backgrounds Green
    7e219e476eff6794650def2e3c4dd3ce.fsh Backgrounds Green
    e93f9afa2b333ec3d9db4c9ecc71d6d7.fsh Backgrounds Green
    5e61f7d5fd9c39c90dd62eea07a47f49.fsh Backgrounds Blue
    f79e248a059aab9e300bc7599697aaa0.fsh Backgrounds Blue
    efe7525affdeca13a9fb3576b3849323.fsh Backgrounds Blue
  11. munross

    munross Guest

    I'll see if I can start updating the fixtures so long, obviously won't be able to finish it untill we know which other teams qualify for the RWC
  12. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    Well i think it's a given that Samoa will qualify. Also i would tip Namibia as well, and Russia from the FIRA-AER. They have just beat Romania, Spain and are 3-0.
  13. munross

    munross Guest

    Fa'atau I just found a very strange "bug" while updaing the fixtures for RWC 2011,

    <round id="0">
                <pool games="10" id="0">
                    <game id="0" location="7" hometeam="0" awayteam="3" year="2007" month="9" day="8" environment="0" />
                    <game id="1" location="3" hometeam="1" awayteam="2" year="2007" month="9" day="9" environment="1" />
                    <game id="2" location="8" hometeam="3" awayteam="4" year="2007" month="9" day="12" environment="2" />
                    <game id="3" location="2" hometeam="0" awayteam="1" year="2007" month="9" day="14" environment="0" />
                    <game id="4" location="8" hometeam="2" awayteam="4" year="2007" month="9" day="16" environment="2" />
                    <game id="5" location="7" hometeam="1" awayteam="4" year="2007" month="9" day="22" environment="0" />
                    <game id="6" location="5" hometeam="0" awayteam="2" year="2007" month="9" day="22" environment="0" />
                    <game id="7" location="9" hometeam="2" awayteam="3" year="2007" month="9" day="26" environment="2" />
                    <game id="8" location="3" hometeam="0" awayteam="4" year="2007" month="9" day="28" environment="0" />
                    <game id="9" location="8" hometeam="1" awayteam="3" year="2007" month="9" day="30" environment="2" />
                <pool games="10" id="1">
                    <game id="0" location="4" hometeam="5" awayteam="9" year="2007" month="9" day="8" environment="2" />
                    <game id="1" location="5" hometeam="6" awayteam="8" year="2007" month="9" day="9" environment="0" />
                    <game id="2" location="6" hometeam="9" awayteam="7" year="2007" month="9" day="12" environment="2" />
                    <game id="3" location="0" hometeam="6" awayteam="5" year="2007" month="9" day="15" environment="0" />
                    <game id="4" location="0" hometeam="7" awayteam="8" year="2007" month="9" day="16" environment="1" />
                    <game id="5" location="0" hometeam="6" awayteam="9" year="2007" month="9" day="20" environment="2" />
                    <game id="6" location="8" hometeam="5" awayteam="7" year="2007" month="9" day="23" environment="2" />
                    <game id="7" location="10" hometeam="8" awayteam="9" year="2007" month="9" day="25" environment="1" />
                    <game id="8" location="10" hometeam="5" awayteam="8" year="2007" month="9" day="29" environment="1" />
                    <game id="9" location="5" hometeam="6" awayteam="7" year="2007" month="9" day="29" environment="0" />
                <pool games="10" id="2">
                    <game id="0" location="11" hometeam="10" awayteam="12" year="2007" month="9" day="8" environment="0" />
                    <game id="1" location="9" hometeam="11" awayteam="14" year="2007" month="9" day="9" environment="2" />
                    <game id="2" location="11" hometeam="12" awayteam="13" year="2007" month="9" day="12" environment="0" />
                    <game id="3" location="4" hometeam="10" awayteam="14" year="2007" month="9" day="15" environment="2" />
                    <game id="4" location="1" hometeam="11" awayteam="13" year="2007" month="9" day="18" environment="0" />
                    <game id="5" location="3" hometeam="12" awayteam="14" year="2007" month="9" day="19" environment="0" />
                    <game id="6" location="1" hometeam="11" awayteam="10" year="2007" month="9" day="23" environment="1" />
                    <game id="7" location="6" hometeam="13" awayteam="14" year="2007" month="9" day="25" environment="2" />
                    <game id="8" location="6" hometeam="10" awayteam="13" year="2007" month="9" day="29" environment="2" />
                    <game id="9" location="9" hometeam="11" awayteam="12" year="2007" month="9" day="29" environment="2" />
                <pool games="10" id="3">
                    <game id="0" location="2" hometeam="15" awayteam="17" year="2007" month="9" day="7" environment="1" />
                    <game id="1" location="10" hometeam="16" awayteam="19" year="2007" month="9" day="9" environment="1" />
                    <game id="2" location="4" hometeam="17" awayteam="18" year="2007" month="9" day="11" environment="2" />
                    <game id="3" location="10" hometeam="16" awayteam="18" year="2007" month="9" day="15" environment="1" />
                    <game id="4" location="6" hometeam="15" awayteam="19" year="2007" month="9" day="16" environment="2" />
                    <game id="5" location="2" hometeam="15" awayteam="16" year="2007" month="9" day="21" environment="2" />
                    <game id="6" location="11" hometeam="17" awayteam="19" year="2007" month="9" day="22" environment="0" />
                    <game id="7" location="7" hometeam="18" awayteam="19" year="2007" month="9" day="26" environment="0" />
                    <game id="8" location="11" hometeam="15" awayteam="18" year="2007" month="9" day="30" environment="0" />
                    <game id="9" location="3" hometeam="16" awayteam="17" year="2007" month="9" day="30" environment="1" />
    The above are the fixtures for RWC 2007 and as you can see only month "9" is used(September), now if I change the month to "10" because the 2011 is set to be played in October too eg:
                    <game id="9" location="3" hometeam="16" awayteam="17" year="2009" month="10" day="2" environment="1" />
    When I then start a new RWC the opening game begins at that month="10" game and not month="9" , so the RWC begins in October and then continues in to September where it should obviously be the other way around...

    So it seems you will only be able to use 1 month for the whole RWC...??

    Don't know if this makes any sense to you?
  14. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    Yes, it makes sense to me. The fixtures are hardcoded, to the point that if you change the date, the fixture will not be played if you go over the boundary that has been hardcoded. This happened in the Heineken Cup schedule.. the game won't crash, but the game does not recognise the fixture and you cannot play it or view it's score as the game does not simulate it either.

    So, basically, you will have to have it as September. It's not a big deal really, there is nothing we can do. This is a video game so we have to use a bit of artistic licence with it, whether we want to or not.

    Regarding stadiums, you can take the french ones that are not club grounds and rename them to NZ stadiums. No-one will really care. That way, they can then be used in the game for the tournament with the adboards updated.

    I will try and covert the 6 Nations to the Lions Tour.. basically, you must just use the teams for the tour, i.e Lions, South Africa and the warm-up games.. which would be the S14 or Currie Cup teams in my case and assign the fixtures to them so that South Africa play 3, Lions play 8/9 and the others will appear with their record.

    I will be making a Lions Tour for 08. It will just have to be a mod. It would work with the S14 or Currie Mod the same regardless, because the teams are assigned the same.. i.e Bulls/Blue Bulls, Cheetahs/Free State.

    After my work i am doing i am finding it much easier to figure out this game. We just have to use a little bit more fantasy and artistic licence.
  15. munross

    munross Guest

    Fa'atau can you or anybody who knows help me with this:

    Africa 1 - Namibia
    Americas 1 -USA
    Americas 2 -Canada
    Asia 1 - Japan
    Europe 1 -
    Europe 2 -
    Oceania 1 - Samoa
    Play-off winner -

    Could you help me fill in the blanks, I know its abit early, but its just to get an idea...

  16. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    Africa 1 - Namibia
    Americas 1 - USA
    Americas 2 - Canada
    Asia 1 - Japan
    Europe 1 - Georgia, Romania or Russia.
    Europe 2 - Georgia, Romania or Russia.
    Oceania 1 - Samoa, one would assume barring some catastrophy.
    Play-off winner - Russia, Portugal or Uruguay.

    See this link. http://www.fira-aer-rugby.com/competition_...mp;gpement=1203

    Perhaps we can draw up some random groups too. Do you get random groups for RWC in 08? I hardly ever play it.
  17. munross

    munross Guest

    Thanks Fa'atau!

    I think I'll go with these so long:

    Africa 1 - Namibia
    Americas 1 - USA
    Americas 2 - Canada
    Asia 1 - Japan
    Europe 1 - Georgia
    Europe 2 - Romania
    Oceania 1 - Samoa
    Play-off winner - Russia
  18. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    All these teams are in the game, it is just Portugal that might need some change.
  19. afakasi

    afakasi Guest

    great idea uso. i'll go through this forum a bit more and look at these tutorials to see if i can help out
  20. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    Malo afakasi.. any help is appreciated!
  21. marksmartma

    marksmartma Guest

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (Intercept King JdV @ Mar 16 2009, 02:31 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
    Opps, Romania is already eliminated, and Europe1,2 might be Russia and Georgia.
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