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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by An Tarbh, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. An Tarbh

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    The IRB Under-19 world cup has just got under way in Belfast with Wales taking on New Zealand and Ireland taking on the defending champions Australia in a double header at Ravenhill this evening. Unlucky for those who would have just missed out on last year's tournament when a trip to Dubai was up for grabs, this time they're stuck with a trip to Belfast!

    05/04/2007, 17:30 South Africa Fiji Belfast Harlequins, Belfast
    05/04/2007, 17:30 New Zealand Wales Ravenhill, Belfast
    05/04/2007, 17:30 Argentina Japan Shaw's Bridge, Belfast
    05/04/2007, 19:30 Samoa England Shaw's Bridge, Belfast
    05/04/2007, 19:30 Australia Ireland Ravenhill, Belfast
    05/04/2007, 19:30 Scotland France Belfast Harlequins, Belfast
    09/04/2007, 17:30 South Africa France Ravenhill, Belfast
    09/04/2007, 17:30 New Zealand Japan Belfast Harlequins, Belfast
    09/04/2007, 17:30 Samoa Wales Shaw's Bridge, Belfast
    09/04/2007, 19:30 Argentina England Belfast Harlequins, Belfast
    09/04/2007, 19:30 Scotland Ireland Ravenhill, Belfast
    09/04/2007, 19:30 Australia Fiji Shaw's Bridge, Belfast
    13/04/2007, 17:30 Scotland Fiji Shaw's Bridge, Belfast
    13/04/2007, 17:30 New Zealand England Ravenhill, Belfast
    13/04/2007, 17:30 Samoa Japan Belfast Harlequins, Belfast
    13/04/2007, 19:30 Argentina Wales Shaw's Bridge, Belfast
    13/04/2007, 19:30 Australia France Belfast Harlequins, Belfast
    13/04/2007, 19:30 South Africa Ireland Ravenhill, Belfast

    Pool B
    04/04/2007, 17:30 Tonga 36 - 5 Uruguay Bangor, Bangor
    04/04/2007, 17:30 Chile 29 - 14 Cook Islands Queen's, Belfast
    04/04/2007, 17:30 Chinese Taipei 6 - 62 Italy Malone, Belfast
    04/04/2007, 19:30 Romania 0 - 28 Georgia Bangor, Bangor
    04/04/2007, 19:30 Russia 0 - 6 USA Malone, Belfast
    04/04/2007, 19:30 Zimbabwe 0 - 8 Canada Queen's, Belfast
    08/04/2007, 14:30 Romania USA Queen's, Belfast
    08/04/2007, 14:30 Russia Canada Bangor, Bangor
    08/04/2007, 14:30 Tonga Cook Islands Malone, Belfast
    08/04/2007, 16:30 Chile Italy Bangor, Bangor
    08/04/2007, 16:30 Chinese Taipei Uruguay Queen's, Belfast
    08/04/2007, 16:30 Zimbabwe Georgia Malone, Belfast
    12/04/2007, 17:30 Zimbabwe USA Queen's, Belfast
    12/04/2007, 17:30 Chile Uruguay Bangor, Bangor
    12/04/2007, 17:30 Chinese Taipei Cook Islands Malone, Belfast
    12/04/2007, 19:30 Tonga Italy Queen's, Belfast
    12/04/2007, 19:30 Romania Canada Bangor, Bangor
    12/04/2007, 19:30 Russia Georgia Malone, Belfast
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  3. lol yeah wish i could have gone tonight. Hopefully will get down to a few games.

    You can watch the matches on the BBC website, the Ireland Austrailia match is about 10 mins in. 0-0
  4. The TRUTH

    The TRUTH Guest

    Cant get the bloody thing to work :angry:

    Hopefully they'll at least show the finals over here like they did last year, although i doubt we'll make it that far this year with all our best players involved in Super14 matches.

    Kurtley Beale, Quade Cooper, Josh Holmes, Lachie Turner, David Pocock, AJ Gilbert, Brandon Va'alu and Will Genia aren't there. :(

    Bugger!... i'd pay money to see those guys play in the same team against kids their own age..... it would be murder.
  5. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    I'd imagine that feed was only available within the UK.
  6. Mate I was tournament official last time the U-19 RWC was on in Dubai and it was AMAZING! I forgot that these boys were the same age as I am when I met em... brilliant games...(although as an allblacksfreak, working the final as 4th official was hard!) great games nonetheless!
  7. Holy ****! I have the RWC on my cable!!! woohooo!!!! my cable is awesome!! all rugby tournaments live!!! woohoo!!!
  8. Ropes67

    Ropes67 Guest

    bloody hell im jealous
    i got nothing but basic cable ****
    howd u get lucky enough to get it
  9. melon

    melon Guest

    bloody hell im jealous
    i got nothing but basic cable ****
    howd u get lucky enough to get it [/b][/quote]

    I'd say he would have paid money to a cable tv provider that just happened to have RWC and he didn't realise it.

  10. bloody hell im jealous
    i got nothing but basic cable ****
    howd u get lucky enough to get it [/b][/quote]

    I'd say he would have paid money to a cable tv provider that just happened to have RWC and he didn't realise it.

    Well, I do know they have rugby... like RWC 07, and some of the northern hemi tournaments... I found out later that it shows ALL televised rugby tournaments in the world!!! woohoo!!! from 7s to super 14s, tri-nations to six nations, U-19s to RWC, Guinness to Magner league and MORE!!!!
    They also show the Engage Super League and the Rugby League Tri-Nations...

    we pay around US$100 a month, for their best bouquets... that happens to be the best in the middle east...
  11. melon

    melon Guest

    Jesus.H.CHRIST!! You're in heaven son!
  12. TV HEaven yes.. not any other... :(
  13. melon

    melon Guest

    and why would that be?
  14. I was at Belfast Harlequins for NZ vs Japan and England vs Argentina. For NZ I thought openside Luke Braid was outstanding (but given the 101 point margin I mainly just saw the attacking game). Robert Fruean is coming back from injury at outside centre for the Kiwis, and from what I saw him do against Wales I'd expect him to carve up the English defence tomorrow.

    England were solid and took down a spirited Argentina. Best player I saw was Matthew Tait's younger brother Alex who spotted a small gap in the Puma's defensive line and seared through it for a great try. Like his brother he's not very physically developed, even for 19 but he has pace to burn and cuts superb lines. Possibly one for the future..

    Looking forward to tomorrow, going to go to Ravenhill and see NZ/England and Ireland/SA. Hopefully the Irish will carry their good spirit on from the last two games and win it.
  15. DC

    DC Guest

    april 16th the usa is playing italy!!

    im so proud of the boys, especially considering i know and have played against a few of them!!

    ill be there next year!
  16. Boggle

    Boggle Guest

    Baby boks crushed the Irish.

    Ireland had some good opertunities though, but I think they were just outmuscled by our front rowers, and good gosh we have some excellent ball carriers.

    I'm happy to see our future boks atleast seem to be able to beat the Irish :p
  17. mimic

    mimic Guest

    How is Samoa going in this tournament? Anyone keen to update the scores?
  18. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    13/04/2007, 19:30 South Africa 31 - 5 Ireland, Ravenhill
    13/04/2007, 17:30 New Zealand 34 - 13 England,Ravenhill
    13/04/2007, 19:30 Australia 30 - 11 France,Belfast Harlequins
    13/04/2007, 19:30 Argentina 0 - 29 Wales, Shaw's Bridge
    13/04/2007, 17:30 Scotland 23 - 25 Fiji, Shaw's Bridge
    13/04/2007, 17:30 Samoa 28 - 12 Japan, Belfast Harlequins
    12/04/2007, 17:30 Zimbabwe 7 - 22 USA, Queen's
    12/04/2007, 19:30 Romania 7 - 15 Canada, Bangor
    12/04/2007, 19:30 Tonga 6 - 8 Italy, Queen's
    12/04/2007, 17:30 Chinese Taipei 10 - 10 Cook Islands, Malone
    12/04/2007, 17:30 Chile 20 - 30 Uruguay, Bangor
    12/04/2007, 19:30 Russia 6 - 24 Georgia, Malone
    09/04/2007, 17:30 South Africa 8 - 17 France, Ravenhill
    09/04/2007, 19:30 Argentina 15 - 17 England, Belfast Harlequins
    09/04/2007, 17:30 New Zealand 107 - 6 Japan, Belfast Harlequins
    09/04/2007, 19:30 Australia 23 - 12 Fiji, Shaw's Bridge
    09/04/2007, 17:30 Samoa 20 - 33 Wales, Shaw's Bridge
    09/04/2007, 19:30 Scotland 12 - 13 Ireland, Ravenhill
    08/04/2007, 16:30 Zimbabwe 33 - 26 Georgia, Malone
    08/04/2007, 14:30 Romania 10 - 16 USA, Queen's
    08/04/2007, 14:30 Russia 5 - 33 Canada, Bangor
    08/04/2007, 16:30 Chinese Taipei 5 - 55 Uruguay, Queen's
    08/04/2007, 16:30 Chile 13 - 32 Italy, Bangor
    08/04/2007, 14:30 Tonga 72 - 6 Cook Islands, Malone
  19. Coz! I still live in the freaking middle east!!
  20. Huckleberry

    Huckleberry Guest

    It's SA vs NZ in the grand final!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D
  21. wygy

    wygy Guest

    I cant believe the standard of rugby these 18yr olds are playing!!!...and the physicality too, 95kg backline players these guys are huge, jesus the one nz prop comes in at 130kgs, holy **** who breeds these kids
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