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Ireland Licence Announcement - 07/07/2011 - Exclusive Screenshot


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Milton Keynes, UK â€" [07, July 2011] â€" Further to the announcement of the forthcoming release of Rugby World Cup 2011 on 26th August, international publisher 505 Games and developer HB studios have today announced the games exclusive partnership with the Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU). The official licensing agreement grants the exclusive use of the Rugby World Cup 2011 Ireland team strip, emblem, many player likenesses, and the Home of Irish Rugby in Dublin, within the game. With further licensing deals to be announced in due course, Rugby World Cup 2011 will be the authentic rugby gaming experience this summer.
Rugby World Cup 2011 is the official game of Rugby World Cup 2011 in New Zealand and HB studios and 505 Games have been granted the exclusive rights for the Tournament’s official game by Rugby World Cup Limited. “From a developer perspective, working with an official license always opens doors on the way to creating a more immersive gaming experience,†commented Alastair Jarvis, General Manager at HB studios. “At HB, we feel uniquely placed when it comes to rugby game development, and tying up a deal such as this only makes our dream of creating the definitive, authentic rugby ***le achievable.â€

The first rugby ***le on this generation of consoles, Rugby World Cup 2011 will feature the Home of Irish Rugby, as one of its many showpiece stadia. Many player likenesses for the Irish squad have been secured and implemented into the game with HD presentation detail extending to the inclusion of thigh tape, wrist tape, finger tape and scrum caps.

Rugby World Cup 2011 will challenge players to pick from the 20 Rugby World Cup 2011 participating teams and attempt to lead their team through the pool phase, and progress to the Final with the opportunity to lift the prestigious Webb Ellis Cup. National rivalries, venues and player personalities are perfectly captured as participants will fight for the pride of their nation in either solo play or with up to three other players in local multiplayer matches. For the first time, HB Studios will give players the chance to fight for the glory of their country online by challenging other players to one-on-one matches on Xbox LIVE® online entertainment network and PlayStation®Network.“As with any sports ***le, we feel authenticity is key with Rugby World Cup 2011, and with that in mind, the involvement of the IRFU was an essential element of this ***le,†commented Ian Howe, President, 505 Games “With further partnerships yet to be announced, we’re confident rugby fans from around the world will be impressed with the roster of likenesses and stadia within the game.â€

Padraig Power, IRFU Commercial and Marketing Director commented, “We are delighted to be involved in this project. The Irish rugby brand is very strong at the moment and this game brings our Team, our brand and our sport to new markets and new supporters. We hope all Irish rugby supporters enjoy it immensely!â€

Rugby World Cup 2011 will be available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system on August 26th 2011. For more information, please visit the official website at www.rwc2011game.com and facebook.com/rwc2011game

About HB Studios.
HB Studios is the largest video game developer in Atlantic Canada. Founded in July 2000, HB has shipped 32 ***les with over 200 SKUs across Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, PlayStation®Portable, Windows PC and PlayStation®2 selling more than 17.5 million units. For more information, please visit http://www.hb-studios.com/

About 505 Games
505 Games is a global publisher of video games, publishing games for all ages across multiple platforms including, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, Sony PlayStation® 3, Nintendo Wiiâ"¢ and DS, Windows PC, Facebook, iPhone®, Xbox LIVE® online entertainment network, and PlayStation®Network.
505 Games has offices in key territories around the world to publish and distribute its library of successful ***les which include ArmA II, IL2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey, the Cooking Mama World series, Naughty Bear, Backbreaker and Zumba Fitness.
505 Games is headquartered in Milton Keynes â€" UK, with international offices in Lyon (France), Munich (Germany), Milan (Italy), Madrid (Spain) and Los Angeles (U.S.A). A further network of key distribution partners based in Nordic territories and Australia enable global distribution of 505’s ***les.
To see the latest releases, news and more about 505 Games go to: www.505games.co.uk
About Rugby World Cup 2011
Rugby World Cup is the crown jewel of the sport and a prominent global property â€" with television coverage of Rugby World Cup 2007 spanning more than 200 territories, reaching a cumulative audience of 4 billion viewers. Rugby World Cup 2011 is being held in New Zealand for the first time since the inaugural event in 1987. Teams representing 20 nations will compete in 48 matches across 12 Host Cities between 9 September and 23 October 2011. www.rugbyworldcup.com.
Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox LIVE are either registered trademarks or trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies.


Now for the EXCLUSIVE Screenshot for all members of The Rugby Forum:


This Image is EXCLUSIVE to The Rugby Forum, Please do not redistribute this image elsewherewithout contacting [email protected] to gain authorisation. The Exclusivity has been granted by 505 Games and HB Studios, it will stay exclusive until it appears on the Official Facebook Page!
Gotta say, the Aviva looks sexual

Not one, but two images involving SOB as well, that'll please some people on here :p
Looks awesome. This game is gonna be sick!! In my opinion the best 3 screenshots so far.
Thats really interesting, intentional states many player likenesses and not all, wonder what that implies?
Im looking forward to playing this game!!! the aviva stadium looks awesome!
Thats really interesting, intentional states many player likenesses and not all, wonder what that implies?

Perhaps it means that England based players won't be licensed, as their faces are owned by PRL (if you catch my drift) - So Tony Buckley/Geordan Murphy could be unlicensed
Potentially Tommy Bowe (not sure how Welsh provinces are licensed) too

Because of these few players not being available they can't say all likenesses are there

This is all speculation though, so don't quote me on it :D
lol 6 nations on RC will suck, tri nations on RWC2011 will suck... damn you licenses! lol nah it's all gravy baby!

Landsdowne road looks bloody good.

Now on the flipside...is that munster outta RC or what?

p.s. pity its not a few years back or we'd have had croke park in the game!
Look's awesome, lansdowne oh sorry I mean the 'Aviva' looks great! The Player likenesses for o'connell, SOB, healy and best are pretty spot on. Maybe a bit to much hair for best :p Every new set of screenshots looks better and better, can't wait for the 26th August :)
Gotta say, the Aviva looks sexual

Not one, but two images involving SOB as well, that'll please some people on here :p
He'd better be able to break tackles like they arent even there, I want some SOB barrel runs!

And some lineout steals from POC!
Jersey is old one, new one is for sale now, not very nice really...black latticey stuff on the moobs will be the in look this world cup.
While it wasn't wholly unexpected to see the license announced... its still damn good to see it in the flesh!

Now if they do also snag Italy (which I expect they will do), I just can't for the love of god comprehend not featuring another mode in the game to let you play the a 6 Nations competition with the fully licensed teams. It may not have to be the fully licensed comp, a placeholder name would have done aswell.

They've probably been shoe-horned into not including any other modes purely because of the RWC license, i.e. to have that license they must not include any others (so as to not take away from the RWC in all its glory... imagine having the official RWC game but not playing that mode!). I can see where the IRB are coming from with the restriction but then I also see how they are limiting themselves and the promotion of the game, a topic which others have discussed in other threads much more eloquently then I could.

I will hold out a sneaky hope though that HB have already done some footwork to line up licenses/competitions/game modes for their next installment, and that it may arrive sooner then we think.
A World Cup game will have a limited primetime shelf life, (I can't see the sales rolling in next spring for instance, so its gonna drop in price and physical prominence in stores), so with all the ground work in terms of the engine, rules and presentation done, the addition of teams, competitions and other game modes is all that needs added for the release of HB's "Rugby Club 2012" next year... I live in hope :)
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Finally can't weight to give Ross 100 speed and make him a wing.
Can anyone see who the Welsh players are? I've looked long and hard but can't figure it out.

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