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Is it me or...


Saint N Sinner

..IS everyone inc me, really looking forward to possibly the best rugby game ever made?
Like your picture

Lovely hair pulling action there
I, like you cannot wait either. I was having a big job interview on thursday and I screwed it up! For the last 10 minutes of being grilled by my interviewers, all I could think of was Atleast I've got the new game to look forward too!! Sh** happens eh!
I am not getting too excited. I got all hyped up for Rugby 2004 and that was a real disappointment.
im so excited! by looking at some of the videos it has a Jonah Lomu Rugby feel bout it which is great!
Im still playing WCR on my xbox because my PRM2004 dosent want to be read by my pc so im trying to get all the beat the all-stars matches complete.

ITs futhermuckin hard!