Is Sivivatu seriously injured?

Discussion in 'International Test Matches' started by punkbrain, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. punkbrain

    punkbrain Guest

    If his injury is keeps him out of the last Tr-Nations test against the Wallabies.......who do U think should replace him in the squad???

    I think Hosea Gear should get a call-up.
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  3. citizen

    citizen Guest

    Apparently the injury isn't serious; the All Black physios are saying that he rolled his ankle and they should be able to make a definite prognosis within the next 48 hours. Check the link for more infor:,18259,...4000861,00.html

    Strange, it looked like he had strained a hamstring, the way he pulled up. As for a replacement, I would say Toeava would be in the selectors' reckoning based purely on his cameo in Cape Town. My bet is that they'll call in either Wulf or Tuitavake. Personally I'd go for 'Flash' himself, Lelia Masaga- but that's a long shot. Gear is strong, but I don't see him entering the equation at all.
  4. jawmalawm24

    jawmalawm24 Guest

    I hope they just replace Sivivatu injured or not because he's getting a bit lazy with his defence he has his moments of brilliance but other times he sucks. I can't say that Lelia Masaga would be a very good replacement after watching the counties because his defence is pretty bad he tries to smother tackle too much and ends up just getting shrugged off.

    I would like Hosea Gear to get in the AB's he's been playing pretty good but I don't reckon he'd even be considered not unless he starts scoring hatricks in every single game he plays and at least 2 or 3 wingers get injuries. Just take a look at Weepu he's only in because Andrew Ellis and Brendon Leanard are injured, had they've been fit he wouldn't even be considered.
  5. darwin_23

    darwin_23 Guest

    Hosea Gear has never been seriously considered as he's never been able to play well for more than one game in a row, it has nothing to do with the selectors not liking players from Wellington as you seem to imply.... He would tend to play really well then be invisible for the next three games...I think he has improved a lot this year, putting in consistent performances nearly every week - he will be a very strong contender for the end of year tour, but I will be surprised if he gets called up to the tri-nations this late in the competition. He's a player with a lot of potential, and I think we are finally starting to see it this year.

    If he is unavailable to play against the Aussie i think they may go with Kahui and Toeava on the wings (who would have though that would be the case at the start of the season!?!?!) with either Tuitavake or Wulf on the bench...
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