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Saint N Sinner

(I have compiled a list from the thread above and here are the questions who will be traveling to B'ham. Anymore? if so please check the list before asking)

Questions for Dan and me regarding RC2006

(u couldnt find out if andy farrell is in the game for saracens could you?)

1) Could you try some grubbers, chips, bombs etc. and tell me how they work out, such as how many you score from, how players vary in ability to do them etc?

2) Also, would you be able to tell us about franchaise mode aswell? Cheers.

3) Hi, Can you tell me if there are official crowd chants?

(Mainly lads, just try and give the gameplay a thorough work-through... so as to give a detailed review...)

5)... perhaps try as many different situations possible in a game of rugby - and how they actually play through in the game

(The only non-gameplay related questions I have in regards to the game is -)

5) How may players are in a teams overall squad and in a match day squad? I'm looking for a definite number as opposed to a rough figure... is it 20 players (which I had heard) or is up to 26/28 in the complete squad?

6) How many substitutes are there for any given match? Can we pick from 5/7 etc...

7) Lastly, can we move players between squads to make squads up-to-date, or do we just have to edit existing players names to something else (and thgen stats too)?

8) Can you please pick me up on the way there?

9) Can you give a detailed description of the goal kicking system?

10) Can I give you 20pts if you can kind my name in the career mode?

??Find out what part of the game we all got lammed into please???

10) Can you move around players (in position terms) during a match?

11)does box kicking work? (as in, say there is a scrum and the half passes to fly-half then fly-half kicks square towards the line and the winger runs thru to catch and hopefully score. For those who watched the 2003 world cup final will know exactly what i am talking about. larkham's kick to tiquiri...pure gold!!
would be awesome to have it in the game cause its a great part of footy!)

12) some info on the southern hemisphere teams and comps
like the:
- faces of players, are they similar or completely different
- kits and logos of the 3N teams n the super14 teams, how original are they?

13) i just want to kno more about the duration of the sprint and that stupid tackle that u always lose the ball over coz i heard they've changed it now.

14) My questions...
1. How accurate do unlicensed players look? Completely random? Some similarities?

2. I would quite like to know the basics of the franchise mode, but that might waste too much time?

15) 1. with the big tackle situation u said that backs get brushed off by forwards, can sum of the backs pull off hits on forwards eg. sam tu'itupou or brian lima?
2. are you able to use the classic teams in friendlies?
3. have they fixed that problem with it being too easy to score when the defence is on their own line?
4. do you still think it's the best rugby game of all time?
5. can the backs do offloads too & how exactly do they work

16) oh yea and how is the commentary because it wasn't on before?
is the super 14 in there or is it still the super 12 coz that would suck!

17) Are the licenced players in GP licenced if there country is unlicenced?

18) is there inside runners so you can put inside passes?

is there dummy passes? in WCR there were no dummies, only thing close was the sidestep-dummy combo thing

is there different types of tackle animations? in WCR there were only a few

2 men tackles or gang tackles?

those big icons on top of players heads, are they still there?

what editing options are available?
19) 1. How does the game reflect the laws - ie. what infringements can occur and does the AI do them at all.

2. How would you rate the ball physics in all aspects of the game - WCR passing was slick but a little bit off, has it been changed at all?

3. Do the tackle animations reflect the players involved and the chances of a turnover etc.

4. Can you please try career mode... even just briefly and find out how it all works.

Cheers guys, I'm going to go and sit jealously somewhere now and wait...

20) Oh yeah: How does the advantage system work and how long does advantage last?

21) are the SH players based on their real counterparts, not just the face but also stats wise?

22) Please can you give the maul and rucking systems a good going over and try and explain them as best as you can as that is where most rugby games fall short!

23) How many different types of beards are there in the game?

Can the commentators pronounce the letter 'V'?

24) Can you edit the national squads, if you can, can you choose for that nations available players?

25) Therefore, I'd appreciate it if you could spend a while against the AI - and tell us how it plays.
- Does it concede penalties
- Does it actually threaten to score - and can you see that continuing after getting more familiar with the game. I still enjoy the rugby league game as the AI does actually score on the higher levels - whereas once you mastered JLR you could go months without conceding a point.
- Would it take a shot at goal if level scores with time running out (<cough rugby league game>)

26) Would it be possible to get some rankings of the teams in the game. Not every one, but maybe the Heineken cup teams and the main internationals.

27) 1) is quck flick passes in the game, like in R2005?
in one of the screenshots, during a scrum on the 5m line, the defensive line is standing inside the try line
is this fixed?

28) An in depth review of career mode please.

What's the fixture list? Is it a mix of league and Heineken Cup?

Are there injuries with a no. of weeks to recover? Do the CPU teams get injuries?

Do players have form? Would there be any reason to alter your starting lineup if there's no injuries?

Is there stat tracking? Do the CPU games have realistic scores?

Are there transfers between teams? Do the CPU teams conduct transfers between themselves? Is there cash management involved? Are there contract negs.? Are there salaries?

Do players get accumulated fatigue? Is there training? Can the players' stats alter?

29) ok st helens/jamie lyon, could you find out if the players in the carear mode are real, for example could you buy a real player from lets say, the sale sharks, for example andrew sheridan?
am I in the game??
If you are still under the name of Gavin Henson I could check for you...

no seriously if you could pick out any TRF members names that would be fun.
Okey dokey, don't think there will be any luck with that but...sure....

[cough] Gavin [cough]

Nah only joking, I couldn't link anyone to idiotic name, not even loratadine, well....

Anyway, back on topic.
are you go to the swordfish studio as well saintsfan?
good for you, make sure you also get the ratings for the big international sides, including england...

and like i said can you see if you can buy real players in the carear mode.
Tis on the list, Leicester has been added, but the list will not be updated till tomorow night so don't worry if not on it.
Originally posted by saintsfan24_7@Nov 9 2005, 03:50 PM
??Find out what part of the game we all got lammed into please???
It means what part of the game we got put into.

When I get bored I use the verb 'laminate' to mean anything.
Originally posted by saintsfan24_7@Nov 10 2005, 02:55 AM
If you are still under the name of Gavin Henson I could check for you...

That's what we should have done!! Put our names as real rugby players!!

Trev, can you please use your time machine I built for you, and change my name to Joe Rokocoko?

Thank you.
I wanna see some Max Powers, Lance Uppercut and Brock Strongo's in the game
I was going to meet him, but I cannot go (personal reasons)

There is someone else going instead, its up to them to tell you who it is.

Shame really, I was really looking forward to it.
arrrgggghhhh god dammet, i would of loved to have gone.
Originally posted by cavan@Nov 10 2005, 07:29 AM
I wanna see some Max Powers, Lance Uppercut and Brock Strongo's in the game
And Hercules Rockefeller!!

...I was going to go, but unfortunatelyI missed my flight today. Bloody gutted.
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