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Is there a 6N thread for the Women?


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Mar 13, 2019
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As the t!tle really? Enjoyed the annual mens 6N chat now need some more lol
Usually England vs France will get a thread that’s very busy.

Wales Ireland is far from the amateur cringe fest of years past though.
As the t!tle really? Enjoyed the annual mens 6N chat now need some more lol
There is now.

Bugger - I'd thought it kicked off next weekend!
Just tuning in now.

6N won't be the same without the Class of France in Sansus and Tremoulier
Just realised world cup is in 2 yrs.
England need to go up a gear after the heart break of the last one
Rome in the rain is producing the match of the round!

Must admit, I'd thought Tremoulier had retired ahead of the tourney, must have been announcing it as being her final season.
Still can't work out Hunter announcing in advance that she was retiring part-way through the tournie.
Wales putting up a decent fight against England
Ben whitehouse is a very good TMO despite all the **** he deserved as a ref.
Superb day out yesterday watching the Roses win the Grand Slam! Awesome atmosphere helped by some very entertaining rugby and beautiful weather too. Was great to see all the stops pulled out like the men’s game with food and bars all open, fan village etc. plus the bumper crowd too.

Was sat amongst a fantastic group of French families and supporters. Loved it! Allez les bleus … Allez les blanc

I hope this will creat a legacy effect for future Roses stars. We chatted with a number of parents that were not rugby fans or had been before, but had brought their daughter to watch as their daughter had been playing some rugby/tag at school.

PS Kabeya! What a player!

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