Is Willemse good enough?

Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by kojack, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. kojack

    kojack Guest

    No! no! no! How can they put Willemse in the team for the WC? There are so many players that deserve that green jersy more than he could ever wish for. Even Breyton is better than Ashwill, what did he anyway do to deserve to be in the squad? I think personally that was a very bad decision. He has done nothing right!

    Ps. Thanks for the reply on Scrum Half.
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  3. melon

    melon Guest

    It doesn't necessarily mean Willemse will be in the 22.

    You still have hope!
  4. munross

    munross Guest

    Can't believe they picked Ashwin Willemse for thr RWC.

    He is a good player and all but he played like 20 mins of rugby this year :blink:
  5. melon

    melon Guest

    Who was supposedly sacrificed for the inclusion of Ashwin?
  6. darkaz

    darkaz Guest

    is not good men
  7. Bull

    Bull Guest

    No he's not good enough.
  8. big_P

    big_P Guest

    I was a fan when I saw him playing in 03, but he definitely looks out of place on the international scene now
  9. otagoxv

    otagoxv Guest

    Yes he is but the Springboks have a lot of quality in that department at the moment, and the best winger in the world with Brian Habana !!!
  10. Rockstar

    Rockstar Guest

    If any one should be one the field...its Francis Steyn!
  11. Salamo

    Salamo Guest

    No; no; no he is not good at all
  12. Kalium

    Kalium Guest

    He is not good at all!
  13. T.Rugby

    T.Rugby Guest

    i think hes a great player and all but definetly i would pick breyton paulse, the dude has way more pace than willemse...although his tackling is not quite up to scratch he would definetly be what the springboks need if they were to be in a sticky situation
  14. darwin_23

    darwin_23 Guest

    I'd have to disagree entirely - not about Brian Habana but about the fact the Springboks have a lot of quality in the wing department. They have one exceptional wing while the rest are very average:

    JP Pieterson - Quite talented but still makes lots of mistakes - probably their second best winger.
    Ndungane - Slow, offers nothing in attack, but a solid defender.
    Willimse - Was good about 3 years ago but has played almost no rugby for about 2 years.
    Steyn - Can kick the ball very well. Cracked under pressure versus All Blacks.

    Outside squad:
    Paulse - Good on his feet, but has lost some pace. Spends his whole time in defense standing offside in oppositions backline looking for intercepts (his main form of attack). Good at doing flips to celebrate scoring tries...
    Chavanga - Fast but small, and always injured.

    Overall the South African wings, apart from Habana are probably the weakest part of the South African team. While Willimse (and Ndungane) are both very average wings I don't believe Paulse would offer any more to the team than them (apart from flips).
  15. rugby_roots

    rugby_roots Guest

    Ashwin Willemse got spear tackled by Joe Rokocoko.....thats enough....
  16. g05r1436

    g05r1436 Guest

    I think WIllemse showed us that he still has what it takes. Don't forget that he was the player of the year in 2003 and deserves some credit - we know what he is capable of. He will be back to his best soon enough - he just needs game time.
  17. 36crazyfist

    36crazyfist Guest

    looking at current form, no.
  18. Erikhfp

    Erikhfp Guest

  19. wesleyfraser

    wesleyfraser Guest

    I think he does still have the talent to play at the level but at the moment you can see he is still favouring his knees.

    He had a pretty decent game against Namibia, yes I know it was Namibia but I got through it without to many mistakes...

  20. Willemse is not yet ready to run out on wing for the Boks.I think Francois Steyn is a good player on wing as he can also play fullback and Flyhalf.So he is used to taking the ball in any situation.He can carry the ball and make a good tackle.He is my choice on the wing.Habana is ok but lacks on defence and creativity.He makes up for it with speed.Again just my opinion.But as I am already a converted All Black Supporter :D I will smile when Carter and his backline bashes a way through the defence. :D
  21. Dmx#1

    Dmx#1 Guest

    A converted All Black supporter? Who did you support before Blackbird? Im just curious
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