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It was all going so well



<div align="center">"Weeeeeeelll… You've got to let me know…"

But on the off chance we do loose Cohen, is it the end of the world? What alternatives do we have for the 11 shirt?

Sean Lamont – Northampton's staple 14 for the last 2 years, but openly admitted preferring the left wing. Also regarded during that time by some as the best counter-attacking winger in the world, a favourite tactic of Jim Mallender.

Paul Diggin – Local hero and the little guy with the heart of a lion. Also somewhat of a try machine, picking up 4 in last years Heineken cup alone, although his pace and agility are put to better use at full back.

Will Harries – Academy youngster who ripped Samoa to pieces wearing Cohen's shirt as a last minute replacement. One for the future, although he's still too small.

Chris Ashton – A superstar in league for Wigan and England, touted as a future Great Britain player, could find his feet in Union well, being big, fast and stupidly strong. Sounds somewhat like a young Cohen. He WILL score dozens of trys once he finds his feet, the pair of which are itching to get playing.

Bruce Reihana
– Maybe the captain could well end up wearing the 11 shirt in Diggin or Ashton move to fullback? Stranger things have happened.

So, in conclusion, two questions need to be asked;

1. Would it be nice to keep Cohen and see him have a hell of a season?
2. If Kingsthorpes Finest moves on to pastures new, will Northampton Saints survive?

I'd answer yes to both, but Ben, thanks for the memories.


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