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  1. Hi,

    I’m Duccio, an italian journalist and rugby friend and fan. I’ve created a internet site called Italian Rugby Friends ( where we talk about italian rugby. It’s both in italian and in english, this site is created for those rugby fans who want to know how to follow the matches on Tv, in a Pub or at the stadium. Therefore we have created a forum where everybody can post infos about the rugby cities of the world, how to reach them, where to sleep and so on. It’s almost all in italian, BUT, we have created a thread called ITALY – ROME (IN ENGLISH), where we have posted and will continue to post informations about Rome: how to reach the city from the airport, how to arrive to the Flamine Stadium, where to sleep, eat or drink a good beer.
    If you want to come over to Italy for the november test matches… well… then you could find interesting informations in our forum. I hope to see you soon on the web and maybe in Romefor the next 6 nations!

    Italian Rugby Friends - everything about italian rugby and the italian national team. In italian and english
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  3. O'Rothlain

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    What percentage of people in Italy watch and/or play Rugby. I do importing from there and my contacts always indicate it's very minority, but the teams are proffesional, right?
  4. In Italy the top teams are professional. There are almost 50.000 players, while the 6 nations matches of Italy are seen by something like 2-3.000.000 people. Not much, but having so much football in Italy it's not that bad...
  5. O'Rothlain

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    I like the kit!
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