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Discussion in '2018 NatWest Six Nations' started by danit, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. danit

    danit Guest

    Nick Mallet appointed today the new Italy captain: Sergio Parisse, 24yrs old, no. 8

    this is the 6N 32 men squad that will be reduced to 24 some days before the opening in Dublin
    Robert BARBIERI (Benetton Treviso) backrow / no. 8
    Mauro BERGAMASCO (Stade Francais) backrow
    Mirco BERGAMASCO (Stade Francais) center
    Marco BORTOLAMI (Gloucester RFC) lock
    David BORTOLUSSI (Montpellier) fullback
    Gonzalo CANALE (Clermont-Auvergne) center
    Pablo CANAVOSIO (Castres) wing
    Martin CASTROGIOVANNI (Leicester Tigers) prop
    Denis DALLAN (Overmach Cariparma) wing
    Carlo Antonio DEL FAVA (Ulster) lock
    Santiago DELLAPE' (Biarritz Olympique) lock
    Carlo FESTUCCIA (Racing Metro Paris) hooker
    Ezio GALON (Overmach Cariparma) fullback / center
    Leonardo GHIRALDINI (Cammi Calvisano) hooker
    Andrea LO CICERO (Racing Metro Paris) prop
    Andrea MARCATO (Benetton Treviso) flyhalf
    Andrea MASI (Biarritz Olympique) center
    Carlos NIETO (Gloucester RFC) prop
    Ludovico NITOGLIA (Cammi Calvisano) wing
    Sergio PARISSE (Stade Francais) backrow / no. 8
    Enrico PATRIZIO (Carrera Petrarca Padova) center
    Antonio PAVANELLO (Benetton Treviso) lock
    Salvatore PERUGINI (Stade Toulousain) prop
    Ramiro PEZ (Casinò di Venezia) flyhalf
    Simon PICONE (Benetton Treviso) scrumhalf
    Matteo PRATICHETTI (Cammi Calvisano) center / wing
    Tommaso REATO (Femi CZ Rovigo) lock
    Kaine Paul ROBERTSON (Montepaschi Viadana) wing
    Alberto SGARBI (Benetton Treviso) center
    Josh SOLE (Montepaschi Viadana) backrow
    Pietro TRAVAGLI (Overmach Cariparma) scrumhalf
    Alessandro ZANNI (Cammi Calvisano) backrow / no. 8

    big news in the halves where only Pez survived the RWC

    some words form Nick Mallet about the upcoming games
    "This season the tournament will be difficult. The match against England [on February 10 in Rome] will be a huge challenge for us ... last season, we won twice, and this time we are going to try and beat every team that we face, whoever they may be ... My dream is to achieve success in my debut game against Ireland"
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  3. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    Danit, being a patriotic Italian with an "Animal instinct" as some politician in Naples said recently and with the finger to the pulse of the beating heart of fiery, passionate and patriotic Italian Rugby, whats your guy feeling about how Nick Mallet is handling this Italian side?

    For one, do you think he can hammer some backbone into the usually wayward Italian fly halves?

    When I was at Viadana in December last year (lovely place by the way, both Parma and Viadana) I noticed that the Italian backs were in fine form, should make for some interesting rugby this Six Nations!
  4. danit

    danit Guest

    it's soon to say

    Mallet travelled a lot lately, visiting italian clubs, speaking to coaches and players, home and abroad, trying to understand "the state of the art".

    It'a a proper way of working, it can be very helpful to understand what and whom you have to deal with.

    But most of his abilities have to be shown during the upcoming 6N when he will have to build the game, deal with the group, handle pressure. Not easy for a coach who until 3 months ago only knew something about italian rugby from newspapers or tv (differently from France who choose a "home made" coach).

    There's one point I think he perfectly understood: "You cannot be soft. I don't like to see mistakes made on the pitch. Never. Outside we can be friends, but on the pitch I want to see determination and pressure" That's what the italian side mostly need, in my opinion: toughness.

    Coming to the halves / backs in general.

    I don't think we have huge problems in the backs from 11 to 15. 3 players (Masi, who is having an excellent season in Biarritz, Mi. Bergamasco and Canale) are top class players. Some yougsters are improving a lot (Pratichetti, Patrizio, Sgarbi), Nitoglia is back from a huge injury (gonna see if he can play at this level), Robertson is fast as anyboby and hopefully Bortolussi and Galon can make a honest job at fullbak.

    But the big problem is at 9 and 10. At sh Picone is a very good player, tough and strong, a good tackler too, but has no international experience at all. Travagli had a poor season at Bath last year but he is playng very well actually, even if I don't think he can play at international level. At fh Pez is the usual player, good boots and a little more, nothing to do with a 6N flyhalf. The young hope is Marcato, this year always playing as starter at Treviso but not showing anything really too good.

    So I don't see how Mallet could work here, I see no room for real improvments actually. A team without good halves cannot really compete in the 6N so I have not too much confidence in Italy success this year.

    If Mallet will be so good to transform italian halves in good international players that means he's a really outstanding coach.
  5. Dozzy_X

    Dozzy_X Guest

    step up new scrum halves! with Troncon retired and Griffen not in the squad Italy will be in need of a new character here for sure. I'll miss Griffen on the big stage, not for his rugby, but for his appearence. lovely stuff.
  6. dundeesmiffy

    dundeesmiffy Guest

    I always thought Griffen was the embodiment of Italian rugby.
    Mediocre but interesting to watch.
  7. Hmmm... I'd go with...

    David Bortolussi, Denis Dallan, Andrea Masi, Mirco Bergamasco, Kaine Robertson, Ramiro Pez, Simone Picone; Sergio Parisse (capt), Mauro Bergamasco, Josh Sole, Marco Bortolami, Santiago Dellape, Martin Castrogiovanni, Carlo Festuccia, Andrea Lo Ciero.

    Bench: Leonardo Ghiraldini, Carlos Nieto, Carlo Del Fava, Roberto Barbieri, Pietro Travalgi, Andrea Marcato, Gonzalo Canale.
  8. Alcanor

    Alcanor Guest

    I'm quit sure that France will still win this year the Garibaldi trophee.
  9. danit

    danit Guest

    squad reduced to 25

    Mauro BERGAMASCO (flanker, Stade Francais)
    Mirco BERGAMASCO (center, Stade Francais)
    David BORTOLUSSI (fullback, Montpellier)
    Gonzalo CANALE (center, Clermont-Auvergne)
    Pablo CANAVOSIO (wing/scrumhalf, Castres)
    Martin CASTROGIOVANNI (prop, Leicester Tigers)
    Carlo Antonio DEL FAVA (lock, Ulster)
    Santiago DELLAPE' (lock, Biarritz Olympique)
    Carlo FESTUCCIA (hooker, Racing Metro Paris)
    Ezio GALON (center/fullback, O. Cariparma)
    Leonardo GHIRALDINI (hooker, Calvisano)
    Andrea LO CICERO (prop, Racing Metro Paris)
    Andrea MARCATO (flyhalf, Treviso)
    Andrea MASI (center, Biarritz Olympique)
    Carlos NIETO (prop, Gloucester RFC)
    Sergio PARISSE (no. 8, Stade Francais) - captain
    Salvatore PERUGINI (prop, Stade Toulousain)
    Simon PICONE (scrumhalf, Treviso)
    Matteo PRATICHETTI (center/wing, Calvisano)
    Tommaso REATO (lock, Rovigo)
    Kaine Paul ROBERTSON (wing, Viadana)
    Alberto SGARBI (center/wing, Treviso)
    Josh SOLE (flanker, Viadana)
    Pietro TRAVAGLI (scrumhalf, O. Cariparma)
    Alessandro ZANNI (flanker, Calvisano)

    players dropped:
    Bortolami (due to injury), Patrizio, Sgarbi (youngsters), Dallan (absolute shite actually, why was he picked up in the first squad?), Barbieri (he deserved but competition is strong in the backrow), Nitoglia (just came back from a one year long injury), Pez

    he dropped Pez, unbelivable, brave man NM!!

    that means Italy's going to play with Masi at starter flyhalf (Marcato backup), he's a pure inside center, great player, good skills, huge tackler, but he never really played at fh nor in Biarritz nor in his previous italian clubs or in the national team
  10. paolocar88

    paolocar88 Guest

    I can't understand why Pez is so much mistreated by coaches..

    There should me something wrong in that player

  11. stormmaster1

    stormmaster1 Guest

    He is small and easily intimidated. At least he was at Leicester where he played very poor indeed.
  12. danit

    danit Guest

    He is small and easily intimidated. At least he was at Leicester where he played very poor indeed.

    [/b][/quote]that's exactly how he is actually
  13. _ALLE88_

    _ALLE88_ Guest

    he only can kick :D
  14. Fantasy King

    Fantasy King Guest

    So forgive my Italian rugby ignorance, but after dropping Pez, what are Italy going to do for a kicker?

    David Bortolussi was good for them during the World Cup, but what about the new guys who are coming into the team? Are they hot shots with the boot?
  15. danit

    danit Guest

    Bortolussi will be the kicker

    Marcato is a flyhalf with a good boot even if at Treviso the main kicker is Goosen

    I dunno if Masi can kick too, in fact he always played center or wing and had some good clearance kicks from those positions, but nothing more... :unsure:
  16. Deano

    Deano Guest

    Galon has a good boot and he showed that when he entered. Masi at fh was not exactly a success, he didnt have no influence on the game so I dont see why he should continue here, but he playd well in his usual style.
  17. Ytsejam85

    Ytsejam85 Guest

    I hope that Marcato will show in this tournament his real abilities!

    Mallett will be the right coach for Italy, I'm sure. Italian backs are not ready for French champagne-rugby, South African way of playing is the best for italian forwards.
  18. I like Masi at flyhalf today because the backs actually ran the ball... usually watching Italy play is like watching paint dry... especially when Pez is playing lol
  19. Lollo84

    Lollo84 Guest

    Masi must improve his kicking skills to become a great fly half.
  20. Deano

    Deano Guest

    You have to think Masi is just a temporary fill in person for this role until Mallet finds someone with the skill to be a great fly half for Italy. I hope Marcato can be this, but he is still young.
  21. Nidhogg

    Nidhogg Guest

    Playing Marcato could solve a few problems for Mallet. It means Masi could play in the IC slot and gets rid of Galon (who doesn't do anything). Canale and Bergamasco could play respectively LW/OC.

    Travagli should be omitted as well. Piconi seemed to have more flair and creativity when he came on, and his great charge down gave Italy a deserved try. Travagli hasn't impressed.
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