jacko dead?

Discussion in 'The Clubhouse Bar' started by getofmeland, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    Well the news is Jacko has died of a heart attack.  Don't know how true the rumours are
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  3. cyRil

    cyRil Guest

    Looks like it...
  4. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    Holy ****... if true.
  5. alexrugby

    alexrugby Guest

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (cyRil of Ospreylia @ Jun 26 2009, 02:38 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
    Yeah seems you are right, Yahoo writes about that

    Jackson's CPR
  6. shtove

    shtove Guest

  7. alexrugby

    alexrugby Guest

  8. C A Iversen

    C A Iversen Guest

    If this is true, then it's very sad, no matter who it is. Please don't tell me we are going down the route of other websites and laughing at peoples families losses. We haven't in the past, we shouldn't now. Maybe you guys need someone close in your family to die to appreciate that it's not actually funny.

    Still "this is the internet, so we can say and do anything" is probably the cry I'll hear.
  9. alexrugby

    alexrugby Guest

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (C A Iversen @ Jun 26 2009, 02:57 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
    No way

    Agreed your opinion
  10. Cymro

    Cymro Guest

    I cannot believe it
  11. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    its been confirmed from multiple sites and media agents. this is a great loss and unfortunately people will make money from this. Jacko is an absolute legend. RIP Micheal , they can't touch you now.
  12. C A Iversen

    C A Iversen Guest

    I've just read my facebook page and there's already 100's of jokers out there, so really I'd say the people who don't like laughing at others deaths are a minority. Nothing anyone can do about that I guess.

    All I can say is it's sad news and I wish his family and friends all the best in with dealing it.
  13. alexrugby

    alexrugby Guest

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (getofmeland @ Jun 26 2009, 03:05 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
    Agree, he made it loud

    I like him at fighting against Hunger in the World

    He started great campaign and benefits were high for big number of poor people
  14. shtove

    shtove Guest

  15. alexrugby

    alexrugby Guest

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (shtove @ Jun 26 2009, 03:27 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
    How they managed to picture him so early? :mellow:

    You can not even die in a calm situation ;)
  16. MunsterMan

    MunsterMan Guest

    Great entertainer, no matter how much of a weirdo he was.

    RIP I suppose.

    I'm no one for telling jokes about people hours after their death either CA, but have to admit to having a nice chuckle at a few of them.
  17. alexrugby

    alexrugby Guest

    well he really was the FATHER of American POP in his ages
  18. I've been told by someone who works in the national press that he has overdosed on sleeping tablets. Very sad, in spite of all the allegations the man was obviously supremely talented, just misguided. Striking similarities to Elvis.
  19. alexrugby

    alexrugby Guest

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (St Helens RLFC @ Jun 26 2009, 03:44 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
    Sleeping pill overdose hmmm bad

    But interesting how much he swallowed to need CPR then?
  20. Sir Speedy

    Sir Speedy Guest

    Meh, wasn't a big fan of his music.

    The sad thing about this is that even at his death people are laughing at him. :huh:

    Childish really; the paedophile thing was never proven.
  21. I was in the pub last night when they announced it. It took literally 2 minutes after he was confirmed dead to recieve a text with a joke about it.

    Who are these people who wait on the chance of a sad event only to go and make a crude joke about it in less than 2 minutes?
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