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Japan vs England - 22/06/24

Japan Squad: 8 debutants, 4 more players with 3 caps or fewer. Other than Leitch, the most experienced player starting has 19 caps
Median caps: 3

England Squad: 1 debutant, 2 more players with 3 or fewer caps
Median caps: 24

I expect this to be every bit as competitive as the UK election


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Great start, my app won't cast - the Rugbypass logo is on my TV but the game just says connecting on my phone
I've got it, but already had it disconnect a couple of times.
Quit the app a few times and we're in business now, just in time to see Japan take the lead
App is juddery, but Japan... 'kin 'ell

Cole is going to need a defibrillator at HT
Japan playing well. Feyi-Waboso got caught shooting out the line. England look a bit disjointed at the moment.
Seem to be missing a lot of first tackles and already given away 3/4 penalties.
Ramos needs to be quicker getting to the mark and letting Japan play. It's not his job to give England oxygen
There's a lot to say about the rest of his game but you can't deny CCS's skill in contact

IFW getting ragdolled by the Japanese defence, though - not seen that before
4th time I've been signed out. Not enjoying RugbyPass.
No need to get I to a kicking duel here.

I guess it's still the Borthwick way
first try, but looking second best
More panicked by the pace, I'd say.

Play keep-ball and it should be comfortable. Surely we're capable of just not giving them the ball to run around with.

Play Quins-ball, and we won't keep up with them, and they'll out fitness us.

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