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Jonah Lomu on "Famous and Fearless"


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Apr 27, 2008
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on Channel 4
He's up against Rufus Hound, Charlie something (the guy who motorbiked with Ewan McGregor) and some other guy (Richard Bransons son?)
They're BMX racing, he was kicking ass in the training, his BMX srinting was a ton faster than everyone else considering he weighs about 4st more than everyone else

Edit: Jonah lost his race: crashed on one of the jumps, but was miles ahead before
Jonah should have won that. Not as fearless as I thought it would have been. It does show how nice a guy Jonah is.
Shows what a beast he is... Its on all week tho...

Also shows what a competitor he is, especially how he stayed with Rufus Hound and motivated him in the training.
Aye, he's a class act

Power boat racing, with the winner monster trucking next time it's on
Jonah broke his ankle three weeks ago yet still tries his best and does anything. Seeing him on skates was interesting; 21 stone and 6ft 3 Jonah on skates

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