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    Jonah Lomu is in negotiations with 4 English premiership teams in hopes of a move to help him gain recognition to play for a super 12 team.I couldnt imagine any team wanting him since he has not played enough rugby or any NPC rugby for that matter.

    The text below is credited to the NZ Herald.I'll leave a Link to show where i got it from.

    Jonah Lomu considering overseas rugby contracts

    Jonah Lomu

    21.08.05 1.00pm

    By Stephen Cook

    Jonah Lomu is looking at a move abroad in a bid to resurrect his rugby career.

    The All Black great, sidelined this season with a shoulder injury, told the Herald on Sunday he was negotiating with "three or four" Northern Hemisphere teams about playing in the Heineken Cup.

    The injury has halted Lomu's return to top rugby after his recovery from a kidney transplant in June last year. The 30-year-old's appearance in Martin Johnson's benefit match at Twickenham in June was his first in almost two years.

    In the meantime, he has taken on a coaching role at North Harbour, the club he is contracted to for two seasons.

    Lomu insisted his preference was to secure a Super 14 contract for next season, but said with no NPC rugby under his belt he would require a special exemption from the New Zealand Rugby Union to qualify for selection.

    He was "exploring all possible avenues around that", but in the meantime had spoken to several teams keen to secure his signature for the Heineken Cup - the Northern Hemisphere equivalent of New Zealand's Super 12.

    The cup includes some of the powerhouse teams of English and French rugby - Wasps, Toulouse, Munster and Stade Francais to name but a few - and runs from October 21 to May 21.

    The 63-test veteran is expected to make a decision by the end of next month. Lomu would not reveal which clubs he was talking to, but it is understood clubs from Ireland and France are leading the chase.

    Lomu wasn't sure how long he would stay abroad, but said he would definitely be back by May next year in time for preparations for the 2006 NPC campaign with North Harbour. From there he hoped to secure a 2007 Super 14 contract - and a spot in the All Blacks World Cup squad, "my ultimate goal".

    "I've just set another game plan so I can get football. I just need game time. By the time I get the nod to play, the rugby season in New Zealand is over. So now I have to look at other options," he said.

    "The game plan has veered slightly but the ultimate goal is still the same. But I'll only be up there for a short stint and then back to play NPC."

    He was relishing the opportunity to live in the UK where he had "lots of good mates". "I will feel real comfortable there."

    Lomu said he was recovering well from the operation to repair his left shoulder. Two screws were inserted into the shoulder following a fracture to the glenoid bone and he expected to be able to resume full training in two months.

    In the meantime, he had been cycling, crosstraining and working hard on improving his speed.

    He rubbished media speculation he was suffering from osteoporosis. Although anti-rejection drugs such as prednisolone could weaken bones and reduce muscular strength, Lomu said that was not so in his case. He had been thoroughly checked over by his medical team and there was no sign of any reduction in his bone density, he said.

    "If anything my bones are stronger than they have ever been. It's just not an issue," he said.

    "Rugby is a contact sport and bones do get broken. I was just unlucky to have it happen in my comeback match," he said.

    "But I'm well on my way to recovery. I've been in a holding pattern for a little while now but that's allowed me to concentrate on getting my legs right after my ankle surgery. The upper body will get stronger real quick."

    Lomu said he was relishing his assistant coaching role with North Harbour where he was acting as "another set of eyes and ears" for coach Alan Pollock. "Although it's disappointing I can't play, it's been fun working with the guys. But the priority is still to get out there and play again. I'm just itching to go," he said. "I think I have been helpful in some ways with the guys. We have a lot of guys stepping up to a level they haven't played before."

    Lomu wouldn't rule out a fulltime coaching job after he retired from rugby but said that was a long way off and he still believed he had plenty to offer the game.

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  3. esoj

    esoj Guest

    the move to europe isn't to get picked up by a super 14 team because the tournaments are on at the same time. Lomu is looking at europe because no super 14 team will pick up with no npc rugby. wonder if northamption have any room left for an overseas player. I can just see it spencer reihana Lomu robinson all in the same team.


    ohh...i read on another article it was,maby a miss read lol my bad.Yea maby Lomu would do good in europe,with the form he showed in the johnson classic i dont think he would make a good S12 wing...a lilttle to slow and not enough speed to make his devastating runs anymore.
  5. giv it a rest man..dam

    evry knows ur a champ...dont be another george foreman..and end givin out health suppliments

    thats wrong dude...settle down and hav some baby giants to look forward too
  6. I can give a 99% guarantee that if Lomu were to come to England it wouldn't be Northampton he signed with. We've got enough wingers as it is (Cohen, Lamont, Rudd to name but a few), all of whom have been on decent form, and despite our Kiwi contingent, I don't see Keith Barwell taking such a ridiculous gamble on a player who has been out of the game for so long.

    Lomu in his prime linking up with Reihana, Spencer and Robinson though. That would have been quite something... [​IMG]
  7. I agree but, with our already long list of Kiwis, we might get a reputation for being a NZ version of France's Arsenal.
  8. contepomi

    contepomi Guest

    Northampton fans, you guys are talking big about your backline capabilities, reckon you have a chance this season?
  9. Here, here.

    It's admirable he wants to get stuck in, but something reeks of desperation. Does he owe money? He's been divorced (ouch with no pre-nup), medical bills, and I understand he likes expensive cars . . .

    And he'll be 32 for the '07 RWC.

    Campese was 33 in the '95 RWC and he set that tournament alight pause for laughter.


    I dont think 30yr old wings can exist anymore,just not fast enough or dont seem to be able to run with the young guys anymore...although its said you reach your peak of athleticism as a male around 30-32.
  11. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    Not being funny, a guy of Lomu's size would run over any 20 year old.

    Hell, I could knock over most 20 year olds, and I'm just fat.
  12. esoj

    esoj Guest

    oh true and hes proabbly looking to get a starting spot which he won't be able to get a club like northamption. still lomu i think would be awesome off the bench and him linking up wth spencer would be awesome. would be a gamble though for whichever club signed him. I think at full fitness lomu would be awesome the problem is getting him there and in peak match conditiong
  13. hes halfway till full fitness i believe

    should go to gordan tiejtens for a year and he will back much fitter

    maybe not aa quick but atleast he can last a match...howabout...

    putting jonah at no.8?...he use to be seeing his highskool matches he is diffinetly capable to knock some blokes out wit power hits

    maybe gettin him in rucks is risky...he could jus hand aroun the fringe
    he wud still be a force closer to the forwards..and i se no future wit rodney at number come 2007...well starting atleast...


    Yea lomu doesnt have great work ethic,i wasnt making fun of lomu but really who was the last 30 yr old all black winger its pretty rare these days thats all,and its funny at the age of 30 you should hit your prime for physical assets,speed,power etc.

    It depends what kind of 20 yr old your talking about,some can tackle and some not even 20 yet and i wouldnt be afraid to play defence on lomu,after all,all pacific island boys could tackle LOMU ahaha we got bigger boys and faster guys out in the bush lol
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