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Juan Martin Hernandez



Hey,I'm new to the forum so i hope i'm not violating any rules by posting this.Here is my favourite player playing against Ireland.That is none other than Juan Martin Hernandez aka the best player in the world.Hpe you download it and spread the file so that everybody can see the genius at work.

Juan Martin Hernandez vs Ireland
1:45 duration
Hi, just wanted to pass by and comment that I know Juan, I played a long time in the youth league in Argentina in Deportiva francesa and hi was one of our coachs while he recover from an injurie he had. There are a lot of people that just realise how great Juan is, believe me when i tell you that he earned everything thats happening to him now. Just that
hernandez do not die never.....your kick is BOOOOOOMMMM....the best player of the world cup
Hernandez is argueably the best player in the World Cup if I'm honest, his best performances came against Ireland and Scotland. Some excellent kicks during those games. He's the reason why the Pumas are in the Semis.
He's going to be the best player in RWC08

Is there a world cup in '08 next year? Sweet! That's 3 years we don't have to wait and hold our dicks in NZ.
The video missed the best bit of skill in that game where he follows up and takes his own high kick and then instantly offloads out the back of his hand to keep Argentina going forward. Amazing.