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Just the little things



I'm wrapped with the quality of the game all in all. 10X the game that that wretched R*gby 20*4 (censored, so not to offend) was.

But just a few little things make me wonder what the hell the testers were doing, and I would hope that next time the testers pull their finger out of their bum and pick up on those tiny issues that make a game complete.

I'll list a few, and I'd love to see anymore that annoy you.

* Squad Manager Scrolling - Example: The Auckland Blues defult lineup has Mika as a starting lock, in reality it is the South African guy, G.Rawliston (or something like that) that is now starting... So, you click Mika and hit "Swap", all of a sudden the whole team list goes back to the top again and you have to scroll all the way down to click Rawliston. Wouldn't it just be easier if once you hit swap they team list stays on your selected player?!

* Squad Manager Editing - Or lack of! Spencer is a crap goalkicker, hardly better than Ben Blair, and Luke McAlister is a great kicker in real life, yet in R2005 his goal kicking is around the 30's mark. If EA didn't want to do their homework sureley they could have left us with an option to sort out what they did wrong. Again, let me just point at the overall ranking of say, England, to prove that. Or at the other end of the scale, The Hurricanes.

* Roster Saving - So, you've just created a pile of players and updated the squads and you hit save, as a normal person you would assume that once that save menu comes up, by clicking save you are actually doing that. No. Silly you. You must actually change that menu you are in to "Rosters" and save it in there. Makes enough sense to save it in "Rosters", so surely the defult save menu that pops up should be the "Roster Save", not the "Profile Save".

* In Game Subs 1 - God knows why you can only make one change at a time?!

* In Game Subs 2 - As for this, why the hell can't you alter your lineup XV in game, the most common reason or need to do this is because the player you have subbed on isn't good in that positon. E.g. Say Mills (All Black Fullback) gets injured, you make a sub and replace him with Ma'a Nonu, and to make this work, and be realistic, you would then probably want to put Howlett back at #15 and Nonu onto the Wing, or perhaps even put Nonu at Centre and Umaga at Wing. But No. Again. Your sub must stay at the position you subbed him at. Crazy.

* Create-A-Player 1 - No bald players? (So, Sambad5 tells me anyway)

* Create-A-Player 2 - You can't make height and weight for your players!? You have to pick a bloody 'body type' when making 'em. And theres only 4 to choose from as well!!! Why didn't EA allow you to pick the body type first (so you can get a 'Prop look' or 'Lock look' then allow you to tamper with the weight and height?!

That'll do me for the time being. Hopefully we can get a pile of this stuff together and send it off to Mr. Wilson (along with a polite letter). For the good of the Rugby series.

Jamie Gough
THAT FREAKIN EA SPORTS LOGO THAT FLASHES EVERY SECOND OF THE DAM GAME....geez...talk about promo...the whole stadiums are kitted up with ea logos
The 1 sub at a time / no lineup reorganization in particular and the rigidity of the interface (no auto-saving profile, slow menus) in general.
-not being able to swap players on the field

-kicks getting drawn to the sideline

-EA logo brainwashing
The fact you have to wait for an animation to take place before the ball gets passed etc.

No offloads in tackle

Stupid passes that go nowhere near your players (why must you wait for you backs to run into place - very unreal)

Linouts are crap (you don’t have any control of your scrum half - he passes from a tap down when you may not want him too)

Can’t take quick linouts

Passing is slow

Every time there is a penalty you have to make a choice from a screen - if you want to run it you should be able to take it quickly and catch the defence of guard (like in Lomu)

Your scrum half can’t simply pick up the ball from a ruck like in lomu (yes I know you can press square or circle but again you have no control - have to wait for the animation)

Basically what ever you do is not instant - you have to always wait for the animation (in Lomu it was automatic)

I like the game - but how hard can it be to get simple things right?
tap penalties has to be redone in 2006. The only choice you have is to barge with your scrummie or crashball on your flayhalf! When have you ever seen Wilkinson, O'Gara etc. take a crash ball into the heart of an opposition pack?!
Yeah, quick taps would be a nice addition.

And as for the quick lineouts, that should have been a must.

Lol, that cracks me up with their logo everywhere, the first time I played the game multiplayer, my mate exclaimed, "Gee, I wonder who made this game".

I'm glad they have at least got 'Marks' in there. And its nice to see if you take a mark in your own goal line you kick it from 5m out (like real life).

Jamie Gough
AI kicking 24/7

subs thing

and the opposition can hardly do anything wrong.
The dam ball physics still off the ball bounces very werid and it doesn't look like how a ball in real life bounces.

not being able to change players positions in game is stupid especailly if injuries occur.

Stats messed up a bit like hurricanes being crap when they are not

camera angle all of them are basically crap to play on most are to far away or you don't see enough to play properly
all they need to do is add offloads

good rucks

cut out the stupid passes

make passing fast

better kicking

to be honest they need to sort out loads of stuff

Lomu is still the king of Rugby Games
Guys not getting angry but I did actually post a topic like this a few weeks ago.

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